Dexter Studios, a Korean VFX company, presents an iconic VFX visual again on a global stage through ‘YuYu Hakusho’ as Netflix Original series

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​ Dexter Studios has added its global portfolio with ‘YuYu Hakusho’ in Netflix original series by diversifying the artwork concept of comic book characters being in real life Emphasizing the genre characteristics of action, occult, and fantasies while trying to making it feel real about magic effect, time/space movement and post-life world Dexter Studios has proven its capabilities equivalent to global players through ‘Avengers’ Scanline, and ‘Interstellar’s DNEG (Double Negative).’   

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dexter Studios has produced one of the global hottest films with a Japanese famous real-life animation.

In the scene of Yusuke and Botan, the two main characters, going to a post-life world to meet Yama, a mysterious atmosphere is created with purple sky being reflected on a surface of dark water. Detailed expression of water wave and color clearly stands out.


In the scene of Yama scrolling people’s lives to evaluate them and determining their fate between the hell and heaven, it was critical to sync the scrolling animation/simulation with the images flowing on the surface.


Applied quite heavy asset data in order to express the splendor of Yama’s aerial palace and vast landscape.

In Korea, Dexter Studios has a successful VFX, DI, and SOUND portfolio of films and drama series including ‘ Along with the Gods’, ‘Parasite’, ‘Jung_E’, ‘Alienoid’, ‘The Moon’ and which require a cutting-edge technology. Listed on KOSDAQ, Dexter Studios has the own contents production capacity as one of the major players in Korean contents industry.

“Based on the experiences we accumulated so far, we worked on ‘YuYu Hakusho’ VFX in Netflix original series,” said Dexter Studios on the 18th. This series is produced by a Japanese representative video contents company, ROBOT, based on the original comics in the genres of action and occult, and was globally released through Netflix on the 14th.

‘YuYu Hakusho’ tells the story in which an adolescent trouble boy Yusuke, who becomes dead and cannot live up to his lifespan by trying to save a child in a car accident, works as a ‘detective’ assigned with a special rule of the post-life world. The original comics are ‘YuYu Hakusho’ (published by Jump Comics), which is a blockbuster comic book by Yoshihiro Togashi, having serialized in weekly Shonen Jump (SHUEISHA) for four years since 1990. As Netflix officially announced its plan to create a real-life version of the comics in November 2021, it has gained higher expectations.

This project runs multiple VFX studios where not only Dexter Studios but also ▲ <Scanline VFX> which participated in countless Hollywood blockbuster films such as ‘Avengers’, ‘Aquaman’, ‘Black Panther’, ‘Transformer’, and ▲ <Digital Frontier> renowned for ‘Death Note’ and ‘Alice in Borderland’ in a Netflix series, participated together.

“Due to the genre characteristics, this film has a burst of colors and a high portion of VFX, therefore talented artists were dispatched from different countries. As a main studio from Korea, Dexter Studios showed a global standard video technology. With the ‘Along with the Gods’ series, it received favorable reviews by vividly presenting seven hells. Meanwhile, the ongoing drama series ‘Death’s Game’ already tells a story about a post-life world. With the understanding of three different concepts, we smoothly utilized the video technology for this project based on our understanding and the know-hows from other projects with similar concepts,” Dexter Studios said.

“This series required a magic-like effect under unusual concepts and presented a multi-dimensional space/time setting. Upon Director Sho Tsukikawa’s request, the show designed unique visual and movement, adding to its differentiated charm from other contents,” said VFX Supervisor Byunjoo Park.

“This series showed creativity in setting up and expressing symbolic venues such as the post-life world and Yama’s palace. We focused on expressing fantasy elements looking real throughout the film – a magic scroll naturally moves in the air, showing the entire life of the deceased in a panorama type,” he added.

In addition, Dexter Studios had successfully participated in the VFX of ‘Knights of the Zodiac’, a US-Hungarian-Japanese co-produced Hollywood film. With the joint participation in this film, the Studios took rank with DNEG, a UK’s renowned studio responsible for VFX of ‘Interstellar’, ‘Inception’, and ‘Dune’.



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