Discover the Enchanting World of Chinese Life Aesthetics through Daily Ceramics at the 134th Canton Fair

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GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The onsite exhibition of 134th China Import and Export Fair(“Canton Fair” or “the Fair”) embarks on its second phase, transforming the exhibition grounds into a mesmerizing realm of trade and cultural exploration. From October 23 to October 27, the bustling Complex, teeming with traders and connoisseurs eager to explore the treasures within the three major sections dedicated to Housewares, Gifts and Decorations, and Building and Furniture. The daily ceramics section stood out, drawing attention with its high-quality exhibits that embodied the spirit of craftsmanship and the allure of Chinese culture.

At the Fair, Zibo Huaguang Royal Ceramics Technology & Culture Co., Ltd.(“Huaguang”) showcased the BONE CHINA Tea Set Gift Box. This stunning collection utilizes Huaguang’s patented natural mineral synthetic bone china, ensuring a safe and antibacterial experience with zero lead and zero cadmium. The design incorporates four traditional Chinese motifs associated with good luck and prosperity, seamlessly merging the resplendent colors of Dunhuang with the refined Morandi tones. The addition of traditional pastels and hand-painted gold accents bestows an exquisite beauty upon this remarkable gift box. For more detailed information, please visit

Tangshan Longchang Ceramics Co., Ltd., has unveiled an exceptional range of bone china tableware at the Fair. The gentle and lustrous appearance, reminiscent of the exquisite beauty of jade, radiates a serene white hue that is as durable as it is resistant to wear. The designs encompassed within this range present a captivating spectacle, with options ranging from floral motifs that pay homage to the rich traditions of Chinese aesthetics, to modern geometric shapes that exude a fashionable and refined visual allure. The combination of ingenuity and innovation has garnered immense acclaim and admiration from buyers, where more detailed information released here

ChaoZhou SanHua Ceramics Industrial Co., Ltd., (“SanHua”), presents its captivating line of daily ceramic products at the Canton Fair. These products feature kiln-variable glazes, with the hand-painted coffee cup series being a standout. This series undergoes a meticulous two-layer kiln glazing process, resulting in a versatile appearance and heightened ornamental value. Through the incorporation of medium-temperature hand-painting, stamping, and coloring techniques, alongside unique decorative designs, each product in this series offers unparalleled uniqueness, making it an exemplary choice for embellishing everyday life and elevating the overall quality of life. For comprehensive information, kindly click on

Experience the richness of the second phase of the 134th Canton Fair, where an extensive selection of daily consumer products awaits, providing a glimpse into the captivating aesthetics of Chinese life. For further details about the exhibition, please visit the official website of the Canton Fair at, or contact caiyiyi for any inquiries.


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