Drive and Ride, with SKYWORTH as the guide — EYE CARE TV leads to double joy indoors and outdoors during the Peak Season

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MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Embrace the joy of the annual Peak Season promotion with SKYWORTH, the pioneer in EYE CARE TV technology. SKYWORTH not only presents exceptional discounts on its TV range but also unveils an incredible opportunity to win an exquisite family car. The “Drive and Ride” on its fourth consecutive year is meticulously crafted to increase consumer satisfaction and happiness. Allowing users’ and their family to relish indoor entertainment and embark on thrilling outdoor adventures, seeking to double the delight for both them and their cherished ones.

Drive and Ride, SKYWORTH EYE CARE TV Peak Season

During the Peak Season event, scheduled from October 15, 2023 to January 15, 2024, for every purchase of SKYWORTH TV, customer is entitled to 1 digital raffle entries, especially SUE and SUF Eye-Care TV Models is entitled to 3 raffle entries. Including incredible automobiles, cutting-edge smartphones, premium televisions, and user-friendly tablets, even purchasing other basic models will offer a chance to participate in the prize draw. Furthermore, there’s no purchase limit, which means everyone will have an equal opportunity to win.

With 23 years of experience focusing on eye care research and innovation, SKYWORTH is undeniably the leader of the EYE CARE TV field. Among its remarkable products, the SUF series emerges as a standout, renowned for its comprehensive suite of cutting-edge eye care technologies that significantly elevate the quality of life for consumers. It has features such as Flicker-Free, Low Blue Light, and Health Settings (including Night Mode, Eye Protection Mode, and Volume Control), all of which have been engineered to provide great health benefits. For example, Night Mode automatically adjusts screen colors to warmer tones, providing relief from eye fatigue. Meanwhile, Eye Protection Mode employs chip-based algorithms to intelligently detect the brightness of TV content and make backlight adjustments accordingly. In an era that places paramount importance on balancing electronic products with user well-being, these technologies signify not just technological advancements but also a life-enhancing asset. For more information please visit:

While SKYWORTH’s TV technology undergoes constant innovation, the company’s steadfast dedication to serving and benefiting consumers remains unchanging. “Drive and Ride” with SKYWORTH in this Peak Season to enjoy outstanding indoor TV entertainment under the protection of the excellent EYE CARE technology, and simultaneously embrace this special invitation to venture into the world and discover its marvels.


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