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Dezeen Showroom: American materials brand 3form has recently launched its highest-rated acoustic product, Hush Blocks – a chunky and fun extension to its Elements series.

A wall-mounted acoustic felt tile, Hush Blocks come in six different shapes and four thicknesses, so they can be arranged to make three-dimensional wall features.

Hush Blocks come in four thicknesses that can create 3D effects

For designers who want a tried and tested pattern, 3form offers Hush Blocks in a range of six preset configurations that it calls “design starters”, which are intended to demonstrate how visually innovative the arrangements can be.

The brand says the product is a great choice for office buildings, with its thickest eight-inch tile types offering an acoustic rating of 0.80 to 1.25 – the highest of any of its products.

The tiles are available in standard or customised configurations

“Hush Blocks are perfect for any shared workspace or large reception area to create a more intimate and professional space to communicate,” said 3form brand manager Chris Pales. “Beyond their practicality, they also serve as decorative focal points, which is why we curated six unique design starters.”

Hush Blocks are covered in 3form’s Sola felt, which is made using 50 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic and available in a range of neutral, soft and jewel colours.

Product: Elements
Brand: 3Form
Contact: info@3-form.com

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