Experience Modular Biodesign With VANK_CUBE

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Modular and made using a biomaterial-based form, VANK_CUBE has it all. The eco-friendly system of lightweight cubes, made of flax and hemp, individually resemble a box but can be arranged in multiples to create a desk, meeting table, front desk, shelf, or storage space divider. Easy to rearrange as often as needed, VANK_CUBE plays directly into the customized flexibility necessary for co-working spaces, event and trade shows, and other temporary areas of use that still need to look polished and modern. Designed by Anna Vonhausen, the natural material and color palette of the cubes works particularly well with minimalism, Japandi, and boho styles.

The easy modifications are made possible thanks to a bevy of elements, including tops, fasteners, connectors, side panels, and plates made of VANK_BIO biomaterial. You can even add a base with castors or an upholstered seat cushion. Made of hardwood plywood with oak veneer – and optionally coated with water-based varnish in green, orange, or violet – the lightweight tops match the dimensions of a single cube. VANK_CUBE also offers a useful storage function – the user can expose or hide items on the shelf by changing the direction the cube faces, or by using additional panels that also help stabilize the seat.

VANK_BIO emphasizes nature’s imperfections and uniqueness, highlighting the the material’s matte textures and roughness. Because flax and hemp absorb CO2 during growth and convert it into biomass through photosynthesis, the product has a much smaller carbon footprint than other storage systems or similar furniture. The fast-growing fibrous plants are renewable annually and don’t require irrigation or fertilization, meaning VANK_CUBE was designed with the principles of sustainable growth at its heart. This gives way to contributing in the circular economy and continued use of renewable bio-resources.

VANK_CUBE has been awarded a Special Mention in the Excellence in Business to Business – Office Solutions category in the German Innovation Award 2023 competition.

To learn more about VANK_CUBE, visit vank.design.

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