F5: Ciaran McGuigan Talks His Wardrobe Staple, Talents He Admires + More

F5: Ciaran McGuigan Talks His Wardrobe Staple, Talents He Admires + More

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Photo: Claire Esparros

Ciaran McGuigan is Creative Director of Orior, an Irish furniture brand founded by his parents Brian and Rosie in 1979. After attending the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to study film and television, he returned to Ireland in 2013 and dove into the family business as Managing Director.

During this time, Ciaran took the lead on evolving the company from a contract business into a luxury design studio, expanding upon the foundation his parents built. In May 2019, Orior opened the brand’s first US showroom in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, with a focus on new residential products. The debut collection featured more than 20 pieces, including updates from Orior’s archive and new designs as well. In 2020, Ciaran launched new furniture to Orior’s portfolio and the brand’s first collection of rugs. Ciaran is also a partner in his sister’s fashion label: Katie Ann McGuigan. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Today Ciaran McGuigan joins us for Friday Five!

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1. Savannah
Football (Soccer) is my first love, but Savannah is a close second. I met the majority of my team and my partner, Lo, there. It’s steeped in history, and it’s an inspiring place to meet, learn, collaborate and explore. I will always gravitate towards Savannah.

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2. My Sister, Katie Ann McGuigan
From moving to London at 15 years old to her creativity, work ethic and desire to produce quality goods locally in Ireland, my sister has always blown me away. I was lucky enough to collaborate with her last year on Orior’s first rug collection. And seeing her and my father work side by side is incredible. Now she just needs to start designing menswear.

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3. Andrew Humke
This guy is the real deal – carving out his craft and always doing it his way. I’ve been collecting Andrew’s art for years and have been lucky to collaborate on a few projects with him. His perspective and approach constantly pushes my buttons (in a good way).

glass coffee table with objects and a person's feet propped up on it

4. Eoin Turner
We’ve been working together for over a year, and his skillset has really pushed our design team. In addition to making the recycled crystal top for Orior’s Easca table, Eoin also creates his own designs that are extremely inspiring. He is the only guy on our small island with his skillset.

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5. Still By Hand
When we moved to Tribeca, I was introduced to 180 The Store, where I found Still By Hand. It has become my wardrobe staple, the clothing is quality and simple but with nice details. I flew back to Ireland last March with a small suitcase that only had a few of my Still By Hand favorites. Little did I know this would be my only wardrobe for the next 11+ months, and it’s held up nicely. You get what you pay for.

Work by Ciaran McGuigan + Orior:

wood and marble credenza with vase of greenery in front of large wood doors

rectangular blue floor rug with geometric pattern on white background

Xida Rug

round red and white floor rug with a geometric pattern on white background

Orcal Rug

beige and grey patterned floor rug on white background

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