F5: Kristina Lopez Adduci Shares a Favorite Vintage Car, Perfect Cocktail + More

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Entrepreneur, speaker, art collector, and curator Kristina Lopez Adduci is the founder and CEO of House of Puff. She created the New York-based cannabis lifestyle brand to offer products that resonated with her own personal preferences. Over time, she’s transformed it, harnessing the power of art to drive social change.

With such a broad range of talents, we were curious as to how Kristina makes it all happen. “You know, it’s funny – the shower’s where the magic happens for me!,” she shared. “Maybe it’s the rhythm of the water or just that quiet moment away from the world… and my twins. But that’s where my brain decides to shift into a diffuse mode of thinking. I used to make a mad dash out of the shower to grab my phone and scribble down those ideas. But now I’ve got this lifesaver – AquaNotes. It’s this cool, waterproof notepad that’s taken up residence right on my shower wall. Pure genius.”

Kristina Lopez Adduci \ Photo: Rosalind O’Connor

If she wasn’t immersed in House of Puff, Kristina said she would likely pivot to producing. “With House of Puff’s YouTube presence, I’ve delved into the art of storytelling to illuminate our narrative and guide cannabis enthusiasts. Given the chance, I’d love to traverse the globe, weaving and amplifying tales from myriad voices and perspectives.”

And then there’s her flair for crafting delicious cocktails. “Pair that with my love for throwing parties and playing host, and I often find myself musing about opening a cocktail bar in my town, given its stark absence of quality establishments (seriously, no cocktail bars in my town). It’s a passion I’ll likely indulge in one day,” Kristina confessed. We can’t wait to see where all of her ideas take her next!

We’re happy to have Kristina Lopez Adduci joining us for this week’s Friday Five!

Photo: Loic Kernen ©2021 Courtesy RM Sotheby’s

1. 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster

I’ve always been enamored by vintage Mercedes, their timeless design speaks volumes about a classic era in automobile history. I’m also an avid F1 viewer. So, cheering for the Mercedes team adds another layer of exhilaration. The drama and strategy on the track never fail to captivate me. I think the 300 SL Coupe is one of the most beautiful sports cars of all time.

Photo: Kelly Wearstler

2. Kelly Wearstler

One of my favorite American designers, hands down. Kelly’s design approach values history, location, and architectural integrity. But she isn’t afraid to take bold risks. We share a lot of the same design principles, I love a good open-plan concept and creating movement within spaces. She uses her intuition, and I dig that.

Image courtesy Columbia Records

3. Vinyl Records

I have an old phonograph that I treasure. For me, listening to vinyl records in the age of the digital download evokes memories from a different era. Edith Piaf is on constant rotation, especially when I’m cooking. Also, the large albums give way to beautiful artwork.

Photo courtesy Claridge’s

4. The Perfect Cocktail at Fumoir Bar

I love being transported back in time and a proper cocktail, and Fumoir Bar at Claridge’s Hotel speaks to both of those things. The bar was inspired by The Bright Young Things, that carefree generation of artists, writers, socialites, and performers who lit up interwar London. They were synonymous with parties. Under the watchful gaze of a Lalique panel, a fixture in The Fumoir since 1931, every exquisite cocktail is presented in its uniquely crafted glassware. Their martini is perfection.

Photo: Kristina Lopez

5. Dinner Parties

While the pulsing beats of clubs have their allure, I find genuine joy in the art of hosting. There’s an undeniable charm in gathering an intimate circle of friends around a well-set table, proper cocktails (and cannabis of course), good food, and music. For me, dinner parties are the new flex.



Work by Kristina Lopez Adduci + House of Puff:

Le Pipe One Hitter \ This was our hero product. I wanted a one hitter that I could fit into my purse or leave out on the table. Crafted for those who value discretion, it’s thoughtfully designed by a talented female artist from Massachusetts. The colors are inspired by contemporary art and fashion trends. \ Photo: Allie Pisarro-Grant

Sophia Wallace Collection Rolling Papers \ For Pride 2023, House of Puff teamed up with New York-based artist Sophia Wallace and Housing Works to create on-going support for the LGBTQ+ community. Our newest “queen size” artist series rolling papers feature images from Sophia’s installation, WE ARE HERE FOR THE REPOSSESSION. This artwork is part of an ongoing project she’s been working on for 11 years called CLITERACY. With an unflinching lens and infectious wit, CLITERACY asks us to recognize that everyone – especially those of us with clitorises – have the right to joyful embodiment. In addition to supporting Sophia’s art, proceeds from these rolling papers support Housing Works. Born from ACT UP, this nonprofit has been supporting homeless and low-income New Yorkers affected by HIV/AIDS since 1990. \ Photo: Allie Pisarro-Grant

Astory Hemp Wick \ Many are unaware of the chemicals emitted when using standard lighters and matches. To combat this, we’ve introduced our Astor Hemp Wick, designed with the elegance of a French macaron. This holder ensures your hemp wick remains tidy and easily accessible. After use, simply place it back into the designated recess of the accompanying round ashtray. The set is stylish enough to grace any occasional table. To use, ignite the beeswax-coated hemp with your butane lighter or matches, then use the pure, chemical-free wick to light up your preferred blend. \ Photo: Allie Pisarro-Grant

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