F5: Max Strang Talks About Mayan Ruins, a Favorite Home Design + More

F5: Max Strang Talks About Mayan Ruins, a Favorite Home Design + More

For more than 20 years, Max Strang has been creating high quality designs focused on academic and professional engagement. In 1998, he founded STRANG Design, a Florida-based architectural, interior design, and landscape design firm. Max’s design approach takes into account the future impact climate change will have on residential and urban development with designs that are thoughtfully integrated into South Florida’s subtropical climate.

Max has been published in over 200 magazines, news interviews, and books. His firm monograph, Environmental Modernism: The Architecture of [STRANG], was released in 2017, reflecting on the concepts of the “environmental modernism” that’s showcased in the firm’s numerous residential projects. He’s created an impressive, well-crafted body of work that’s consistent, rigorous, and varied. Max’s use of materiality, detailing, and scale pushes projects architecture projects into the world of art.

Elevated to the College of Fellows in 2016 and consistently recognized locally, regionally, and nationally for the strength of his design work, Max has
won dozens of awards, including the 2013 AIA Miami Silver Medal for Design, and 2018 AIA Florida Medal of Honor for Design.

Today, Max Strang is joining us for Friday Five!

Max Strang

Photo: Max Strang

1. Tamera’s Ceramics

During the pandemic, my wife discovered the world of pottery and ceramics. Most of her works are customary plates, bowls, vases, and other vessels. However, her first attempt at a Raku grouper resulted in this amazing object. I think she knocked it out of the park.

Photo: Max Strang

2. Telluride, Colorado

What a town… this is certainly one of the best places in the USA. From 2010 to 2017, my family lived in this idyllic alpine town and loved every minute of it. It is such a close-knit community with culture and excitement around every corner. Telluride has so much character, history, and beauty. I look forward to each time that we visit, whether it’s for skiing, hiking, foraging, or just enjoying the mountain vibe.

Photo: Max Strang

3. Mayan Ruins

I’ve been fascinated with the Mayan Ruins ever since my older brother took me on a trip to the Yucatán when I was eight years old. Pictured above is the pyramid at Uxmal. I believe that my early exposure to the stonework of these ruins influenced my design preferences. Many of my firm’s works incorporate local coral stone or limestone from Florida. About seven years ago. I had the pleasure of taking my family to visit some of the great Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Coba, and Uxmal.

Photo: Max Strang

4. Rock Hill “Out Island” Bahamas

I love quick escapes to the Bahamas. My family has a laid-back beach house called ‘Rock Hill’ on one of those amazing “out-islands.” It’s the perfect place for both adventure and relaxation. It’s a short flight from Florida, but once you’re there you feel so far away! We love exploring the reefs, kayaking down tidal rivers, diving for lobster, and discovering hidden coves and beaches. When we aren’t using it we do rent it out… so come visit!

The Geene Leedy House \ Photo: Calder Wilson

5. The Gene Leedy House

One of Florida’s greatest architects, Gene Leedy FAIA, designed a home for his family in 1956. Leedy was a prominent member of the famed modernist movement called The Sarasota School. Upon his passing in 2018, however, the home was in pretty bad shape when it was impacted by Hurricane Irma. I had the honor to assist with the restoration of the home, which is now part of a National Historic District in Winter Haven, Florida. The home has an important place in the evolution of modernist architecture and now its enduring appeal can be admired by new generations of design aficionados.

Work by Max Strang:

TARPON \ Photo: Kris Tamburello Photography

Shelter Residence \ Photo: Venjhamin Reyes Photography

Shelter Residence \ Photo: Kris Tamburello Photography

Macedo Residence \ Photo: Kris Tamburello Photography

Masri Residence \ Photo: Kris Tamburello Photography

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