FEBICO actively seeking business partners in United States, introduces “High- Spermidine” chlorella health supplements to satisfy U.S. market

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TAIPEI, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FEBICO is Asia’s largest organic microalgae producer and has been distributed to over 60 countries since 1990. Today, FEBICO becomes algae tech pioneer and visioner to bring the power of microalgae to the next level.

Chlorella and spermidine are interrelated in their potential to promote anti-aging effects. Spermidine found in Chlorella supports cellular autophagy, a process of removing damaged cellular components, while Chlorella itself serves as a natural dietary source of this compound. Together, they contribute to the overall maintenance of cellular health, slowing down the aging process and potentially promoting longevity.

C. C. Chiueh, the director of the Taiwan Phycological Society, often referred to as the “father of microalgae,” explained that spermidine naturally exists in human reproductive organs and ovaries. Through DNA synthesis, spermidine can offer resistance to radiation, counteract dioxin, and prevent gene mutations that can lead to the birth of malformed children. Notably, FEBICO chlorella is found to contain approximately 300ppm of spermidine.

However, it’s crucial for consumers to be cautious about the source of their microalgae supplements. The environment in which microalgae is cultivated plays a significant role in product quality. Many commercially available microalgae health supplement brands often opt for lower-cost algae powder to cut expenses. Products with a salty or fishy odor likely originate from inferior algae sources that may be contaminated with water pollution and heavy metals. C. C. Chiueh advised, “Chlorella typically has a light green color, while Spirulina is deep green. High-quality products should have a fresh and clean taste, devoid of any salty or fishy odor, similar to seaweed without salt seasoning.” Therefore, when choosing Chlorella and Spirulina health supplements, selecting a reputable brand becomes imperative.

FEBICO is one of the very few suppliers in Asia capable of providing organic blue-green algae products. FEBICO’s organic products are certified by the United States Organic Certification Authority (USDA-NOP). FEBICO, with over four decades of professional experience in microalgae production, is proud of its reputation for providing the cleanest and best-quality Spirulina and Chlorella products to its global customers, accompanied by top-notch service.

If you are considering incorporating microalgae into your daily health supplements to leverage their potent anti-aging effects and maintain a youthful appearance, be sure to select a reputable brand that undergoes rigorous quality testing and guarantees freedom from contaminants. FEBICO, recognized as Asia’s largest microalgae supplier, stands as a trustworthy choice. For more information, please visit their official website: https://www.febico.com/en/index.html


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