Fibocom at MWC Barcelona 2024: Accelerating Connectivity for an Intelligent Future

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BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), a leading global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, exhibited at Mobile World Congress Barcelona at Booth #5I33 in Hall 5 of Fira Gran Via. Committed to accelerating connectivity for an intelligent future, Fibocom showcased its state-of-the-art wireless modules and solutions, incorporating cutting-edge technologies like RedCap and AI, etc. These innovations serve a wide range of applications, spanning fields like Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Smart Retailing, Industrial IoT (IIoT) and beyond.

Fibocom at MWC Barcelona 2024

Accelerating Connectivity through mmWave, RedCap, Wi-Fi 7, etc
Setting the stage for the next evolution in wireless communication technology, Fibocom displays its latest modules and solutions with high professionalism, especially with the illustration of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), the heart of the revolutionary transformation of the telecommunication industry.

Fibocom launches 5G RedCap FM330 series based on MediaTek T300 at MWC Barcelona 2024

“FWA Lite”, refers to an economical 5G experience enabled by lightweight products. Fibocom insists on technology innovations, specifically with Reduced Capability (RedCap) technology. On the first day of the congress, Fibocom announces the launch of the newest 5G RedCap module FM330 series, and USB Dongle solutions that are based on MediaTek’s latest T300 RFSOC. Besides, other Fibocom RedCap series modules FG131, FG132 integrating on Qualcomm’s SDX35 platform are also displayed, the whole RedCap portfolio catering to different market demands.

“FWA Pro”, refers to an ultimate 5G experience with higher speed. Fibocom has made significant strides in the 5G FWA landscape since 2019, with excellent quality platforms and design-wins that prove its product competitiveness. Displaying various up-to-date FWA applications like CPE, ODU, and Mobile Hot Spots, Fibocom presents its successes of the series modules like FX190(A/W), FX180(W), FX170, FG370, FG360 and the corresponding solutions.

It’s worth noting that Fibocom’s FWA product portfolio fully complies with technologies like 3Tx and 8Rx for next-level FWA capability.

Fibocom also creates an immersive experience of the latest technologies-based live demos. Wi-Fi 7 test bed, illustrating an advanced 5G FWA system-level demonstration with Fibocom’s different modules and solutions. Opening up the underlying driver for hardware acceleration from cellular to Wi-Fi, this marks the industry’s pioneering test bed for FWA, which enables FWA devices to achieve Wi-Fi speed level AX3000 capabilities. It can provide high-performance solutions for a broader range of industry clients. In collaboration with STMicroelectronics, Fibocom integrates a smart home solution for the 5G CPE embedded with its 5G module to interconnect smart home devices in the application layer. It complies with Matter standards and redefines the smart home connectivity, creating a more convenient and intelligent home environment for users.

Enriching the Intelligent Future with Wireless Edge Computing Solutions 
Illustrating the transformative power of intelligent connectivity, Fibocom presents its comprehensive product portfolio and successful implementations covering diverse vertical markets. Fibocom’s smart wireless product portfolio covers solutions from 4G entry-level, medium, and premium to 5G high-end and AI including SC126, SC138, SC228, SC151, SC171L, SC171, SCA825, etc.

Attendees are invited to experience intelligent life with multiple devices like Electronic Cash Registers (ECR), Industry Handhelds/ PDAs, IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment), Smart Industrial Helmets, etc. It is worth having an AI-enabled live chat with the Chatting App based on Fibocom’s SC171 solution. Besides, Fibocom debuts the smart module during the congress. Overall, Fibocom provided a glimpse into a future where intelligence seamlessly integrates into every facet.

Underlining its theme for MWC 2024, ‘Accelerate Connectivity, Intelligent Future,’ Fibocom vividly illustrates the transformative power that not only shapes the present but redefines the    future.

The Mobile World Congress is in full swing now, welcome to witness this unfolding wireless future at Fibocom’s booth, #5I33 in Hall 5. Steer the course toward a more connected and intelligent world!

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