Five key projects by Bentley Lighthouse Award nominee Bonnie Hvillum

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Creative director and founder of Natural Material Studio Bonnie Hvillum has been shortlisted for The Bentley Lighthouse Award. Here, she selects five projects that best reflect her work.

The Copenhagen-based Natural Material Studio is a research practice that creates bespoke designs and spatial installations using self-developed biomaterials.

“I constantly try to expand the perception of what materials can be and I’m curious about the design possibilities with new-era materials,” explained Hvillum, whose ethos revolves around a circular and sustainable approach.

“Together with my team we research, design and produce materials based on natural and leftover components,” she told Dezeen. “We practise systemic change, meaning working both on strategic levels, as well as research, design, production, spatial and consulting.”

Natural Material Studio recently started working on a design series with bio-textiles and bio-foam, which gives it “creative freedom to continue experimenting within the categories of lighting and seating works,” Hvillum added.

The Danish practice is also collaborating with the colour direction team at Adidas, researching new ways of understanding materials and colours.

Hvillum is Dezeen Awards shortlisted

Dezeen Awards 2023, in partnership with Bentley Motors, revealed all shortlisted projects earlier this month.

The Bentley Lighthouse Award recognises designers who are curious and courageous in their approach, and whose work has had a beneficial impact on social and environmental sustainability, inclusivity or community empowerment.

Winners will be announced at a party in London on Tuesday 28 November. Tickets are now sold out for the Dezeen Awards 2023 party. To join the waitlist, please contact

Read on to find Hvillum’s views on the five projects that best represent her work:

Photo by Peter Vinther

Calvin Klein Christmas gift wrap, 2022

“We’re proud of the campaign we created for Calvin Klein in 2022, as we proved our capability to conceptualise, produce and deliver within a very short timeframe, given you’re working with bio-materials.”

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Photo by Peter Vinther

Shellware for Noma, 2022

“With Shellware we started the research by looking into the leftover seashells from the restaurant Noma and ended up designing a new ceramicware based on 50 per cent shells.

“Over the last year, we’ve been through a similar journey, though looking into leftover wood dust and fibres from Dinesens flooring production site.”

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Photo by Natural Material Studio

Human Nature, Copenhagen Contemporary, 2023

“Human Nature was our largest-to-date solo exhibition held this spring at Copenhagen Contemporary, and was a culmination of years of research in materials.

“It was an important exhibition for us to express and comment on what we believe design should be.”

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Photo by Natural Material Studio

Reset Materials – Towards Sustainable Architecture, Copenhagen Contemporary, 2023

Reset Materials illustrates how we work with extensive material research zooming in on a specific waste stream.

“Artistic material research is at the heart of all our work, this is where all our concepts, materials and beliefs stem from.”

Photo by Jente Christensen

LW-B004-1-3 for The Mindcraft Project, 2023

“Our latest series LW-B004-1-3 lighting was designed for the annual Mindcraft Project group exhibition in Copenhagen.

“I think this way of working illustrates very well the mentality and energy of the studio, as there’s so much potential and so many designs we’d like to create, so setting an outer frame wherein our minds can run free keeps the creative flow going.”

Dezeen Awards 2023

Dezeen Awards celebrates the world’s best architecture, interiors and design. Now in its sixth year, it has become the ultimate accolade for architects and designers across the globe. The annual awards are in partnership with Bentley Motors, as part of a wider collaboration that will see the brand work with Dezeen to support and inspire the next generation of design talent.

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