Flamingo Mini lighting by Antoni Arola for Vibia

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Dezeen Showroom: Barcelona-based designer Antoni Arola has created a deconstructed pendant light for Vibia that uses polycarbonate diffusers to cast a customisable glow.

The Flamingo Mini from Vibia was designed by Arola to share the poise and elegance of the bird from which it takes its name.

The Flamingo Mini is a small version of Vibia’s Flamingo

The light is formed of a cylindrical LED light, which hangs on stainless steel rods and spotlights through layers of translucent polycarbonate diffusers.

“Flamingo Mini’s delicate, deconstructed silhouette expresses a sense of extreme lightness,” said Vibia.

Different options for diffusers are available to create different lighting effects

“By separating the light source from the diffusers, light is projected onto each shade rather than surrounding the source, resulting in an ethereal, weightless effect,” it added.

The diffusers come in a variety of sizes and shapes that can be put together as an arrangement to suit the proportions of the space.

The product is intended for use in smaller and domestic settings

For an ambient glow the light source can be directed upwards, or for more intimate illumination – such as over a dining table – it can be pointed downwards.

A smaller version of the brand’s Flamingo product, it is intended for smaller, residential rooms or those with lower ceilings.

Product: Flamingo Mini
Designer: Antoni Arola
Brand: Vibia
Contact: hello@vibia.com

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