Forget the iPhone 13 – this iPhone 14 design is the most minimal to date

Yes, we’re already in love with the iPhone 13 Pro (see our thoughts in detail in today’s iPhone 13 Pro review.) But there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to aesthetic appeal.

After all, Apple products are as much about style and beauty as they are effortless functionality. And core to that has been the way sleek minimalism lies at the heart of everything Apple does. So why not take the existing iPhone design and just, well, simplify it further?

According to recent rumours, that’s exactly where Apple is heading with its design for the iPhone 14. And to see what that might look like, check out this new video from ConceptsiPhone, a YouTube channel that mocks up concepts for future iPhones and presents them as if they were real.

There are four predicted improvements to the current iPhone design showcased in this slick and professional slice of CG animation. The first is the disappearance of the notch, bringing the front-facing camera into line with those of other smartphone makers.

The second is the return of Touch ID, but this time via the power button, just like on the iPad Air and iPad mini 6.

Mockup of iPhone 14

(Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

Thirdly, the phone features a USB-C charging port, rather than a Lightning connector. And finally, the camera bump on the rear has completely disappeared, leaving a perfectly flat back.

Mockup of iPhone 14

(Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

Despite being entirely unofficial, these designs are in part based on leaks shared by Jon Prosser that the iPhone 14 would lose the notch and the camera bump, as well as other rumours that the iPhone 14 will sport a complete redesign.

But whether or not such a design is likely come to pass in the next iPhone, should this be the direction Apple is heading in?

Ultimately, making an iPhone that works brilliantly should be the company’s priority. But if it were possible to do that and make something this visually geometric and pure, it would certainly make us happy. In fact, just seeing these concept designs here is making our hearts skip a little faster.

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