Foster + Partners tops out supertall skyscraper for JPMorgan HQ at 270 Park Avenue

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Foster + Partners has completed the framing for JPMorgan Chase’s headquarters at 270 Park Avenue, which the studio claims will be the largest all-electric tower in New York City.

Today marked the completion of the supertall skyscraper‘s 1,388-foot (423 metres) high steel structure, with the final beam raised and slotted in place.

“In 1811, when this site was countryside, the city commissioners created a masterplan for New York,” said Foster + Partners founder Norman Foster. “It was bold, innovative, and reflected an optimism for the future. Today, over two hundred years later, the same things are true of 270 Park Avenue.”

“The building is a great investment in the city, the bank, and the well-being of the 14,000 people who will occupy it,” Foster added. “It does more with less – more public space, fresh air, light and views – and less carbon through electric, green energy.”

Foster + Partners has completed the framing for the new global headquarters of JPMorgan Chase

According to the studio, the 60-story building will be New York City’s “largest all-electric tower with net zero operational emissions” and will be 100 per cent powered by energy sourced from a hydroelectric plant in New York State.

It consists of several verticle volumes of differing heights pressed together to form a stepped tower. These are placed on a stilted base that rises 80 feet (24 metres) off the ground.


Foster + Partners completes long-awaited 425 Park Avenue in New York

The lifted base was designed to create more outdoor space on the ground level on Park and Madison Avenues, which the studio plans to outfit with a public plaza and greenspaces.

The tower will host approximately 14,000 employees throughout 2.5 million square feet (232,257 square metres) of working spaces.

The skyscraper will be the city’s largest all-electric tower, according to the studio

It will take the place of the 1960’s SOM JPMorgan Chase Tower that was located in the same lot before being demolished between 2019 and 2022 in favour of Foster + Partner’s design.

Foster + Partners claims it reused “97 per cent” of the building materials from the demolition to construct the new tower.

The demolition of the SOM JPMorgan Chase Tower marked the world’s largest and tallest voluntary demolition at the time.

Nearby, Foster + Partners recently completed a long-awaited office tower at 425 Park Avenue, the “first full-block office building” to be built along in the avenue in 50 years.

The photography is by Nigel Young

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