Foundry Lab Announces Ground-breaking Development Effort with Eaton

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Foundry Lab, a leading innovator in advanced manufacturing technologies, is thrilled to announce a major milestone in collaboration with Eaton Corporation that marks a significant leap forward in the realm of prototyping and additive manufacturing.

FRANKFURT, Germany, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Foundry Lab today announced its collaboration with global power management company Eaton. Harnessing the speed of microwave and additive manufacturing, Foundry Lab was able to cast parts for Eaton in weeks, not months. Eaton leveraged the Digital Metal Casting System to cast aluminium parts that include stainless steel pins, a technological advancement that is not possible with traditional 3D printing, placing Foundry Lab’s technology at the forefront of innovation.

This milestone highlights the flexibility of Foundry Lab’s casting technology and the success of their recent United States expansion. Eaton was an early member of Foundry Lab’s evaluation program, giving them a preview of the technology.

“Eaton is often faced with the challenge of applying AM to legacy applications because changing the process and/or material is too big of an engineering hurdle,” says Cameron Peahl, Additive Manufacturing Manager at Eaton’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence, “In this example, Foundry Lab’s technology provides a solution for us to leverage the speed and agility of Additive while maintaining the conventional casting method and material, even including the cast-in-place steel pin. This is a huge step forward in our AM journey.”

“Working with Eaton to produce these parts has been an incredible opportunity. It is an exemplary showcase of what our system can achieve,” says David Moodie, Founder and CEO of Foundry Lab. “Eaton’s application was typical of the pain that industry is currently facing. Many components can’t be 3D printed and are prohibitively expensive and slow to cast with traditional methods. This is the problem that our technology is here to fix.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

Foundry Lab is accepting orders for their Digital Metal Casting system at Formnext in Frankfurt 7-10th November  Recent US expansion including opening a state of the art demonstration centre in Fremont California Development of their Evaluation Program, enabling potential customers to witness the technology before it is publicly available

To learn more about Foundry Lab, click here to visit their website.

About Foundry Lab

Foundry Lab debuted its category-defining Digital Metal Casting technique at Formnext 2022 (Germany). At this year’s show, the startup will be taking orders for the first stage commercial version of the technology that will enable manufacturers to produce metal parts on-demand, in-house at a fraction of the cost, time and climate impact of a traditional foundry.

Disclaimer: Availability of pre-orders is solely at the discretion of Foundry Lab.  Eaton Corporation carries no responsibility for the availability nor delivery of pre-orders accepted by Foundry Lab.



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