Fredrik Paulsen creates 33 unique Joy Objects in 33 days

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Swedish designer Fredrik Paulsen has teamed up with auction house Bukowskis on Foundation of Joy, a playful furniture series featuring neon colours, tree branches and chains.

Exhibited at Bukowskis‘ gallery during Stockholm Design Week, the series features one-off versions of furniture by Paulsen‘s recently launched brand, Joy Objects.

The works are one-off versions of Paulsen’s Joy Objects

The designer only allowed himself a day on each hand-made object, producing 33 works in just 33 days.

The experimental results also incorporate engravings, LED lighting, packing tape and aluminium chequer plate.

The series incorporates engravings, tree branches and aluminium chequer plate

“I had a very tight deadline, so I set myself a rule of not spending more than one day per item,” explained the designer during a press tour.

“Some pieces were very fast and some I spent many hours on, but it was good because it meant I didn’t get stuck on details,” he said.

Knuckles Chuckles is a chair wrapped in packing tape, while Taxi Driver is covered in wooden beads

Paulsen launched Joy Objects in 2022 with the ambition of creating simple, affordable furniture for the home.

The brand offers flat-pack furniture made primarily from extruded aluminium profiles, making the pieces lightweight and easy to repair or recycle.

Fredrik Paulsen limited himself to a day for each object

The Foundation of Joy series features customised versions of the Joy Objects collection, including dining chairs, tables, benches, a shelving unit and a desk.

“When Bukowskis asked me to make a show, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to infuse spontaneous research and fun into the project,” said Paulsen.

Many of the chairs feature hand-coloured MDF seats

His aim, he explained, was to create a playful contrast between the rigidity of the aluminium frame system and the more experimental approach of his artistic practice.

“I had never really joined the two together before,” he said.


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The first piece that Paulsen made from the collection is a chair called Heroes, which has the names of artists and designers who have influenced him etched into the frame.

“It’s like a little map of my sources of inspiration,” he said.

The first work Paulsen made was Heroes, a chair with the names of the designer’s influences etched into the frame

Chairs make up the majority of the other works, with key pieces including The Diamond Seat, which has the letters JOY etched into the backrest, and Morning Light, which has a spiral motif on the seat.

Other standout chairs include Sloppy Bugati, which has a fishing net for a backrest, the bead-covered Taxi Driver,  and Knuckles Chuckles, which is wrapped in the custom tape that Paulsen typically uses for product packaging.

The aluminium chequer plate pieces include a high-back chair

The series also includes The Light Fantastic side table, which is animated by a remote-controlled LED strip, and the Squarepusher coffee table, which has a crackled glass top.

Almost all of the works were privately sold in an online auction that took place during the design week.

The works were sold at auction during Stockholm Design Week

Paulsen hopes the project will open up his work to a new audience, showing how furniture can blend influences from art and fashion.

“Furniture occupies a lot of my mind, but I love all sorts of contemporary culture; I think it’s important to bring them together,” he added.

The photography is by Märta Thisner.

Foundation of Joy was on show at Bukowskis in Stockholm from 6 to 9 February 2024 as part of Stockholm Design Week. See Dezeen Events Guide for more architecture and design events around the world.

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