From Print to Pixels, the 2024 PRINT Awards Honor Design in All its Forms

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The PRINT Awards are open for entries!

The PRINT Awards honor the broadest range of design work and embrace the lustrous future of design. Tradition and technology converge in the competition, marrying graphic design’s analog soul with its digital DNA. The PRINT Awards continue recognizing new mediums that accommodate graphic design’s evolution while celebrating its print heritage.

New categories this year

The 2024 PRINT Awards offer 26 categories for entries, ranging from Outdoor to In-House. For 2024, the Awards include several new categories. This year, designers can enter the new Packaging Design category with product packaging design in all mediums, including paperboard, glass, plastic, metals, sustainable materials, fabric and other materials. 2024 also includes expanded opportunities to enter work in branding, with new categories in Branding Identity Systems, full Brand Campaigns, and Brand Collaborations to reflect the diverse spectrum of designers’ client work. And, to further support young talent, the PRINT Awards will feature and celebrate the work of the next generation of design leaders by including a student level for most every category.

2023 First Place Photography, Design Army
2023 First Place Data Visualization, Zeh Fernandes & Marco Vincit
2023 First Place Invitations,
Elixir Design

Citizen Design Award: Honoring & Protecting LGBTQIA+ Lives

Every year, PRINT includes a free-to-enter Citizen Design Award to highlight design work focused on one annually selected social issue. This year’s Citizen Design category is open to designers who have created print and online campaigns designed to address and protect the lives and rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. Around the world, countries maintain and add laws that criminalize homosexuality, limit classroom instruction on sexual orientation, restrict gender-affirming care, and even ban drag-themed events and performances. Amidst intensifying threats of violence against the community, individuals often face discrimination such as limited access to healthcare, difficulty in securing employment, and bullying or harassment in the workplace.

“Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex individuals face daily, and often life-threatening, challenges in their lives, communities, and careers. Design has a role to play in curating positive messaging, educating, and supporting individuals as they navigate their lives, and inspiring and encouraging social action, protest, and justice.”

Steven Heller, Editor-At-Large, PRINT.

A global jury representing a wide range of disciplines will judge each entry on four key criteria: Craft, Longevity, Innovation and Originality. Winners will be featured on and receive custom trophies, printed certificates, and extensive social media promotion.

Entries open today, November 7, and close on March 4, 2024.

Early bird rate ends December 4!

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