Fueled by a Thriving Startup and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Tainan Advances in Sustainability Initiatives

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Celebrating Milestone Achievements in Smart Transformation

TAINAN, Nov. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the WinWin Innovation & Incubation Base (“WinWin”), located in Tainan’s Xin-ying District, celebrates the third anniversary of its establishment, its member companies are readying to showcase their achievements at the “2023 Smart Life in Tainan” event. The event, taking place in ICC Tainan’s East Exhibition Area from November 24 to 26, 2023, will highlight their progress in smart transformation and sustainable development.

WinWin Innovation & Incubation Base startups showcase their achievements at the 2023 Smart Life in Tainan

Tainan’s Mayor, Huang Wei-che, confirmed that the collaboration between the city government and the Tainan City Council led to the creation of the Base. Since its inauguration on November 24, 2020, the facility has become a crucial hub for entrepreneurial. It actively supports an entrepreneurial service ecosystem, offering classes, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and networking events, alongside providing guidance on start-up essentials such as business proposal writing, marketing, operational planning, and fundraising.

Lin Jung-chuan, Director General of the Economic Development Bureau of Tainan City Government, highlighted that WinWin offers a variety of supportive facilities including entrepreneurial workshops, collaborative team spaces, and live broadcast studios, for startups eager to participate. The initiative aims to establish a collaborative network by merging external industry resources with the combined expertise of business professionals, academics, and researchers. It also focuses on building ties with local associations and professional organizations, all directed towards nurturing and growing emerging companies. The approach has led to the creation of 46 startups over the last three years, significantly boosting the economy north of the Zengwun River.

Four teams from WinWin are poised to participate in the “2023 Smart Life in Tainan” exhibition. The lineup includes Happy Food Ltd., championing intergenerational co-farming and smart agriculture; Feng Sheng Shui Qi Enterprise Co., which focuses on reducing primary agricultural product losses through innovative processing; Hao Guang Nong Food, creating distinctive souvenirs in partnership with local farmers; and Hemisferio Sur Ltd., promoting the enrichment of food culture by combining experiences from Taiwan and Latin AmericaThese companies represent the dynamic blend of Tainan’s technological advancements and everyday life.

In 2024, Tainan will commemorate its 400th anniversary, a milestone year designated as “Tainan 400.” Leveraging its rich cultural and historical heritage, the city government is committed to supporting new creative talents, providing them with opportunities to thrive in the marketplace and positively impact the local economy. This initiative is focused on promoting sustainable business development, ensuring steady economic growth, spurring industrial innovation, and advancing ongoing community progress.

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