Gaabor’s Payday Sale: The ultimate year-end budol coming this Dec 28-30

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MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Did you catch Pambansang Ginoo David Licauco during Gaabor’s 12.12 Tiktok livestream? It was indeed a night of fun, surprises, and exclusive discounts.

Gaabor Payday Sale

But fret not if you missed it because you can still unleash that shopping spree madness on the upcoming Year-end Payday Sale this December 28 to 30. Gaabor is offering a 70% discount on a wide range of products with Free Shipping vouchers on Tiktok shop.

Practicing the “Prime Life” concept by coming up with innovative household products that make chores lighter, all on sale are here to enable a life that’s so much easier:

1-   Air Fryer 8 Preset Menu Large Capacity Non- Stick Coating 4.5L

Truly the master of home cooking, the 4.5L Air Fryer has a large capacity that’s enough for the whole family and features 360° circulating hot air making food appetizingly crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside.

Aside from its premium design, this unit has a  200°C accurate temperature setting with time control. Plus when you buy now, you can get free 10 pieces of paper liners.

2-    Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner Mattress Cleaning Machine Multi-Purpose Corded

We don’t want dust mites invading our safe spaces at home. Thanks to Gaabor’s easy-to-use Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner which features a UV lamp and 300w power engine that eliminate 99% of mites and bacteria. It also features “safety sensing”, automatically turning off the UV, thereby preventing UV damage to the skin.

3-   Standing Fan Energy Saving Noise Reduction Wide-Angle Air Supply

When it comes to keeping it cool at home, Gaabor’s standing fan has a 3-speed level AC motor with a frequency inverter that produces delicate and gentle wind and can supply air at long distances, automatically swinging left and right by 120° to supply air pitching by 30° manually.

The fan comes with a 17-inch wind-gathering screen and 5 blades to realize high flow and has extreme noise reduction. 

4-   Electrical Meat Grinder Multifunctional Food Mixer 2L Capacity with Plastic Bowl

Who would refuse a meat grinder and a multifunctional food mixer in one?

This Gaabor product has a powerful grinder with high and low-speed levels, perfect for soft and tough ingredients. And now on its version 2.0, it’s definitely, bigger and better.


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