Gemini Laboratory holds first design awards competition

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Promotion: co-creation platform Gemini Laboratory has partnered with Dezeen to launch its first architecture and design competition, which invites entrants to “create an entirely new worldview”.

Gemini Laboratory describes itself as “a co-creation project aiming to realise a ‘mirror world'” between the virtual and physical worlds.

The online community has launched its first Global Design Awards – a programme for seeking out design approaches that straddle both the metaverse and real world.

Gemini Laboratory explores links between the physical and digital worlds

The competition is open to anyone and free to enter. Gemini Laboratory is particularly encouraging applications from architects and architecture students, as well as fashion, products, materials and games designers.

To enter, applicants must create a proposal for an “alternative worldview” and a data library spanning the virtual and the physical. This can relate to any design field, such as architecture, gaming or film.

The collective has launched its first design awards

Entries must include appropriate visuals – whether they are images or other digital data – accompanied by descriptions to communicate the applicant’s idea.

Those participating in the competition are invited to explore AltField, an online platform created by Gemini Laboratory.

“AltField is a platform and data library that enables users to share and edit alternative information spaces where multilayered worlds interact, paving the way to new and unprecedented designs,” said the collective.

Entrants from all backgrounds are welcome

While applicants are permitted to use artificial intelligence when creating their entries, they should state what platform they have used if they do so.

Among the judging panel are architect and theorist Mark Foster Gage and curator and author Pamela Golbin. Entries will be judged based on the criteria of innovativeness, imaginativeness and feasibility.

The judging panel includes Mark Foster Gage and Pamela Golbin

For successful candidates, there are four categories with prizes up for grabs.

The Grand Prize will offer a single competition winner $5,000, while an individual runner-up will receive $2,000.

One entrant will receive $1,000 for the Gemini Laboratory Special Award and three separate entrants will win Judges Awards, which do not include a monetary prize.

Applicants should create proposals for an alternative worldview

“With the latest fabrication technology facilitating the conversion and translation of digital data to physical objects, we are now in an era where virtual sensibilities flow into and activate physical design,” said Gemini Laboratory.

“We invite you to construct an entirely new worldview from materials that may transcend the five senses, spanning into even time and space.”

Four prizes are up for grabs

The Global Design Awards’ application deadline is 29 April and final winners will be announced on 20 May via the Gemini Laboratory website.

The latest news on the awards will be shared via the company’s Discord channel, which can be joined here.

Other events held by the collective include the Gemini Laboratory Kickoff event, which took place in 2022. The in-person, four-hour session invited professionals from fields including art, technology and academia.

In July, Gemini Laboratory will host the German Talk and Exhibition Experience. Previously held in Cologne, the event will take place in Tokyo and explore the collective’s worldview.

For further details about the Global Design Awards competition, visit this website.

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