Genuine Honey Butter Almond brand HBAF’s North America biz to be plain sailing

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SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As HBAF successfully debuted into the mainstream market in the USA and Canada, their North America business expects to have plain sailing from now on.

HBAF’s various flavors: Honey Butter Almond, Wasabi Almond, Garlic Bread Almond, Black Sugar Milk Tea Almond, etc.

HBAF is a 40-year-old company and the largest nut processor in South Korea and released Honey Butter Flavored Almonds for the first time in Korean nut industry in 2015. Although almonds are not specialties available only in Korea, Honey Butter Flavored Almonds originated and gained popularity in Korea.

HBAF is selling various nut snack products to 25 countries and their Honey Butter Flavored Almonds awarded globally including The Brand of Year chosen by China Consumers, iF Design Award, and German Design Award.

Based on their major influence in Asia, HBAF is expanding the business to North America. Their products are selling well in 1,000+ points of sale including Sam’s Club Hawaii in US and 600+ points of sale including Seven-Eleven in Canada.

Along with their creativity, innovation and keen eye for opportunities, HBAF created over 30 kinds of seasoned almond snacks and constantly moves forward to capture the taste buds of people all over the world.

HBAF stands for Healthy But Awesome Flavors and they use California origin raw almonds only. To learn more about HBAF, visit


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