Gifts for Creatives, Graphic Designers & Artists – Day 20

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Instead of the usual gift guide, PRINT asked some of the most creative people we know what they are excited to give (and get) this year. Look for daily gift inspiration through the end of December.

Racism Untaught: Revealing and Unlearning Racialized Design by Lisa E. Mercer and Terresa Moses, (with a foreword by me), is a dynamic piece of scholarship disrupting our status quo. In Racism Untaught, adapted from their successful workshop series, Mercer and Moses explore design-led interventions and why these approaches are foundational to disrupting normative design practice.

Read more in my recent article: Five Essential Design Books to Decolonize Your Studio, Library, and Classroom.

Dr. Cheryl D. Miller is is a designer, author, educator, theologian, and a decolonizing design historian. She is recognized for her outsized influence within the graphic design profession to end the marginalization of BIPOC designers through her civil rights activism, industry exposé trade writing, research rigor, and archival vision.

Banner photo by Diogo Nunes on Unsplash.

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