Gifts for Creatives, Graphic Designers & Artists – Day 29

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Instead of the usual gift guide, PRINT asked some of the most creative people we know what they are excited to give (and get) this year. Look for daily gift inspiration through the end of December.

“As a self-proclaimed colour obsessive, I’ve been eyeing viction:ary’s full colour-palette book series for some time now. I’m hoping to get graced by St. Nic himself with the full collection. At least at some point in the near future I’ll splurge and get all the books myself, I don’t care if my shelves are already overflowing, and I have gifted a few of the books to dear friends of mine already. Always on a mission to spread a little colour!”

Amelia Nash is a Canadian expat, now living in New York City, and wearer of many hats — designer, strategist, illustrator, storyteller, brand builder — showcasing her multidisciplinary creativity. As each pixel meets purpose under her deft touch, Amelia seeks to ignite change through creative cross-pollination, inviting you to explore the extraordinary in every detail. Amid her diverse creative ventures, catch her captivated by colour swatches or on a quest for the finest G&T.

Banner photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash.

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