Gifts for Creatives, Graphic Designers & Artists – Day Two

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Instead of the usual gift guide, PRINT asked some of the most creative people we know what they are excited to give (and get) this year. Look for daily gift inspiration through the end of December.

Steven Heller

“As a kid I loved the day after Thanksgiving. All year long I’d save all the money earned doing odd jobs. Then on Thanksgiving day I’d count it out and make two piles, one for each pocket. The left I used to buy Xmas presents for my parents and the right would be mine to buy myself whatever I could afford.

Fifty years later I do the same. I’m always putting pocket change in a jar, and this year it’s so I can buy a TheraGun Pro Plus 6-in-1 Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun – Handheld Personal Massager for Full Body Pain Relief & Muscle Tension with Biometric Breathwork, Vibration & Heated Attachments. ZZTop-of-the-line (at $599), but worth every penny of percussive back pain stopping relief!”

Steven Heller is the co-chair of SVA MFA Design / Designer as Entrepreneur, a writer, and PRINT Magazine’s editor-at-large.

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