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Global poll sampling 50,000 people from 23 countries highlights increasing discontent across a range of issues

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A global survey commissioned by non-profit Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute, in partnership with Accenture is released today. It identifies predominant issues of concern to citizens across the world. 




The survey, known as the FII PRIORITY Compass, is an annual research exercise which polls individuals from a range of ages, backgrounds and countries, informing policy development and providing data for leaders, CEOs, policy makers, and organizations to identify with accuracy the sentiments of 60% of the world’s population.

The data plays a vital role in shaping year-round discussions, policy advisory, and investment decisions at the FII Institute. The institute is dedicated to addressing common issues facing humanity, such as economic growth, prosperity, climate change, technology regulation and equitable access to healthcare and education.

This year’s FII PRIORITY Compass report identifies several key issues, common to communities across the world:

A 20% drop in people’s satisfaction with their personal lives compared to 2022 65% are distressed about cost of living and quality of life 38% report social disconnection and lack of inclusion as a priority concern Pollution is a concern for 75% 44% globally are concerned about how to afford healthcare Whilst 72% of those surveyed recognise that technology has democratised access to information, 47% of Africans worry about misleading information

At the FII7 summit currently underway in Riyadh (24 -26 October) 6,000 leaders, investors, experts, academics and innovators are taking part in over 200 panels and discussions designed to tackle the big issues facing humanity. This research will inform these discussions by providing essential insights into the actual issues that impact everyday people.

FII7 happens one month after world leaders gathered in New York for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and six weeks after G20 leaders met in New Delhi. It happens four weeks before world leaders gather to discuss climate action at COP28.

Richard Attias, CEO of the Future Investment Initiative Institute, says:

“The 50,000 people we surveyed in 23 countries give us unparalleled insights into what matters to humanity. We will now investigate everything that we are hearing. At FII7 next week our data-driven agenda will help formulate initiatives and develop resolutions for action. With many of the world’s leaders and biggest investors in the room we can play our part in shaping a better and safer world.”

About FII Institute

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute is a global nonprofit foundation driven by data with an investment arm and one agenda: Impact on Humanity. Global and inclusive, we foster great minds from around the world and turn ideas into real-world solutions in four critical areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics, Education, Healthcare and Sustainability.




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