Go-To textile collection by Carnegie Fabrics

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Dezeen Showroom: American textile company Carnegie Fabrics has expanded its range of fabrics to include new metallic and neutral shades.

The Go-To textile collection combines the brand’s 20 best-selling colourways and 19 new hues, some of which reference organic landscapes from the natural world.

Neutral-coloured fabrics and metallic hues make up the range

Carnegie Fabrics launched the collection to celebrate ten years since they first released their Biobased Xorel material – a durable textile that is made from plants.

Available in a range of colours including pearlescent metallic tones and soft neutrals, the fabrics are suitable for a variety of applications, from furniture upholstery to wall coverings.

The materials can be used for a variety of interior applications

“There are so many variables to consider when choosing the right material; one that is beautiful, sustainable, high-performing and free of greenwashing claims,” said Carnegie Fabrics.

“Carnegie strives to be the number one go-to resource for designers looking to make responsible material choices by offering textile solutions for easy specification.”

Product: Go-To textile collection
Brand: Carnegie Fabrics
Contact: egrey@carnegiefabrics.com

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