Hankyung.com introduces: DroMii to Exhibit at CES 2024, Unveiling CfSM and AfGG solution based on DaaS (Drones as a Service)

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Registered for K-water WateRound in recognition of outstanding technology and unveiled CfSM solution designated as excellent technology (product)

Introduction and application of 100-mega pixel high-precision cameras and Oblique Cameras for 3D modeling

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DroMii Co., Ltd. (CEO, Lee Seung-ho) will be participating in CES 2024, a Consumer Electronics Show in LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, from January 9 to 12.

CES 2024, the world’s largest trade fair for geodesy, geoinformatics and land management, will feature a new theme, Unmanned Systems. Within this, it will focus on the latest developments and applications of unmanned systems for air, sea, and land.

At the exhibition, DroMii will show case its DaaS-based CfSM (Car-free Street Mapping) solution as well as its VTOL platform-based FIXAR (FIXAR 007) and SHARE (high-precision camera, SHARE 100M pro (100 megapixel) and Oblique Camera, PSDK 102S V3) solutions.

The CfSM solution is a product that uses deep learning and drones to automatically remove images of vehicles on the road, and in July 2022, it was designated an innovative procurement product of a venture start up by Venture Nation, an online platform run by the Public Procurement Service, for its outstanding technology. In July, it was registered as a K-water WateRound platform, and in August, it was designated as a K-water Excellent Technology.

By completely removing images of vehicles on the road with the CfSM solution, users can accurately see the information on road conditions otherwise obscured by vehicles on the road. In addition, it can accurately identify potholes and cracks on the road, which are the main causes of traffic accidents, and improve the accuracy of HDmaps by precisely identifying lane information. The advantage of this technology is that it reduces inaccuracies and variables in information acquisition compared to traditional technologies, maximizing cost efficiency.

“If there are problems with the data already collected, or if it is not useful in practice, we would have to go back to the location and retake the images manually, but the CfSM solution is able to provide highly accurate results in a single shot, eliminating most of the limitations of existing systems and technologies,” added a representative from DroMii.

Further more, the CfSM solution is expected to improve its data acquisition accuracy as drone technology advances in the future. Currently, the CfSM solution is utilizing various types of drones (rotary-wing, fixed-wing, VTOL) and cameras to prove its practicality in various environments such as domestic and international roads, and is proactively applying it to other solutions.

In fact, DroMii , which conducted drone demonstration city projects and regulatory sandbox projects from 2020 to 2022, has developed and secured a ▲ vehicle-free road orthophoto production solution based on deep learning and drone, ▲ 3D model production solution based on multi-directional camera, ▲ drone-based realistic road precision safety map production solution, and ▲ image processing automation solution based on node network distributed processing.

In this process, DroMii applied a collaborative system with ADTi, CHCNAV, GDU, RIEBO, SHARE and others to its AI solution to achieve better accuracy in spatial information than existing solutions and to enable modeling of occluded areas.

In addition, DroMii emphasized that its solution has demonstrated high positional accuracy. A company representative said, “In the certification evaluation for positioning accuracy, which is most important in building spatial information, the measurement results satisfied the evaluation criteria such as planar positioning accuracy within 1.6cm and vertical positioning accuracy within 5.2cm.

Meanwhile, DroMii is a graduate company of the Digital Content Center, established by the Ministry of Science and ICT and operated by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency and the Next Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association, and is strengthening its global competitiveness through support for external public relations and business networking.

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