Harriet Allure Home Fragrance Candles Beckon You to Stay

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If perfume is meant to transcend local realities through scent, what is there for those who wish to stay? Lifestyle brand Harriet Allure answers that question in their subversive approach to traditional fragrance by crafting olfactory narratives intent on grounding individuals in place rather than fabricating an atmosphere for escape – proving to be more than one note. Redolent of home, their aromatic candles are rooted in the tangible, earthen with a warmth that beckons for one’s presence in the moment.

The products echo their founders story, making for potent accords imbued with personal meaning. Now spending time in Sweden, the two long-time friends, Freddy and Alex, were raised in Germany with roots in Ghana, West Africa. And despite living disparate adult lives, the duo shared a unique human experience – one that challenged the notion of belonging. Their nomadic lifestyles – in pursuit of higher education, unique careers, and regular connection to family – meant home must be unencumbered, independent from place and people.

This paradox inspired the creation of Harriet Allure and its current collection of objects empathetic to those whose sense of place is somehow everywhere and nowhere at once. With a moniker merging a meaningful name with its goal to beguile, the candles represent nostalgia as defined by a fondness for home and the memories one carries as a light amid life’s darker moments. Each concoction is a testament to resilience and an homage to those who inspired them – in particular their mothers. “Reflecting on these experiences, we deeply appreciate their dedication and love amidst the challenges of adapting to a new culture,” the duo says. “This narrative formed the foundation of our brand name and brand essence, finding a sense of belonging regardless of circumstance, place, or people.”

Sustainable practices put their tenets to the test. An amalgam of soy wax, clean-burning cotton wicks, and raw materials from Grasse, France, make these products as kind to the earth as they are to humans. And just as no two beings are the same, no two jars share identical forms. Made using recycled clay, each artifact carries the markings of a distinct journey forged by hand to be weathered by life.

“The ‘ah-ha’ moment came when we realized that the organic, sculptural shape not only reflected our brand ethos of celebrating diversity but also allowed for unique, handcrafted pieces that celebrated individuality,” they add. “While each piece appeared similar at first glance, the subtle differences resulting from the handmade process reinforced our brand essence. This realization motivated us to use recycled clay and collaborate with artisans to bring our vision to life.” It is not only a celebration, but also an unabashed embrace of self and cultural heritage forgoing the stoic perfection of glass.

Equally as artful is the way in which Freddy and Alex record memory with fragrance. Personas include Ama, Faiyaz, Minuit, and Tartu in pots hued cream, brown, black, and green, respectively. “We remember presenting the Ama scented candle to several people who were unaware of our brand’s values. They shared that the scent evoked feelings of home – a warm embrace, a sense of ease, and safety from their past. This made us happy as it indicated that our intentions with the ‘hero’ scented candle had resonated with them.” Each profile balances elements of fruits, florals, and greens with depths of varying degree as if to create a family portrait with plenty of room to make oneself at home.

The design duo and best friends, Freddy and Alex

To learn more about the brand or to purchase candles, visit harrietallure.com.

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