Henry K Wein designs portable treehouse that can be towed by bicycle

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Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Henry K Wein has developed Trunk Bunk, a treehouse that allows its occupant to sleep in a different tree every night.

Wein‘s portable treehouse has a lightweight folding design so it can be easily towed by bicycle to different locations.

A strap and pulley system allows it to be quickly and easily installed in all kinds of different trees and removed just as effectively.

Trunk Bunk is a lightweight portable treehouse

Wein wants to give people the opportunity to be “cocooned above the forest floor” so that they can spend quality time with themselves and with nature.

“It is a playful, almost poetic concept that offers a unique experience,” the German designer told Dezeen. “It is about reconnecting with the environment around us and taking time to reflect.”

The structure can be installed in different trees using a strap and pulley system

Wein unveiled his prototype Trunk Bunk during Dutch Design Week as part of the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) graduate show, staged within vacant retail units in the Heuvelgalerie shopping centre.

The treehouse has the shape of a hexagonal prism, with hinged corners that allow it to be flat-packed for transportation.

The design is finished in waterproof textile, giving it a tent-like feel

The shelter has a tent-like feel, with waterproof textile walls, small windows and a lightweight, self-supporting structure of aluminium and plywood.

To install it in a tree, you start by throwing a rope over a horizontal branch that is strong enough to support the weight. Then you use the pulley system to lift the unfolded treehouse to the desired height.

The design can be flat-packed and towed by bicycle

Once in place, the treehouse can be secured with a strap that tightens around the trunk of the tree.

“You can pull the Trunk Bunk to pretty much any height, although at some point you might have to climb the tree to attach the ropes,” Wein explained.


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An adjustable rope ladder hangs down from the entrance of the tree house to provide access but can be tucked away once the treehouse is occupied.

Wein has created a video that shows someone transporting the treehouse to a remote location, installing it in an oak tree and getting inside.

The owner can move the Trunk Bunk to a different tree every night

The designer has tested the design by sleeping in it himself.

“The view of looking directly into the tree makes you feel like you are part of it,” he told Dezeen.

“The slightly elastic ropes make for a great suspension, away from uncomfortable roots, stones and moisture on the ground. You feel protected yet the windows allow you to observe everything going on around you.”

Once unfolded, the structure can be hoisted into position

The most suitable trees, according to Wein, are those found at the edge of forests as they have more suitable branches.

“Instead of growing straight up in the fight for sunlight, the ones standing alone grow outwards to create as much surface area as possible,” he said. “Therefore you can find many horizontal branches.”

Wein’s prototype has a frame of aluminium and plywood

The designer is interested in developing the concept into a real product to offer people an escape from hectic city life.

He imagines that a commercial version would be manufactured using carbon fibre to make it even more lightweight and easy to transport.

“The act of consciously choosing to do something by yourself helps to ground you and make you feel good,” he added. “I believe we can benefit a lot from experiences like that.”

The design offers an opportunity to spend time alone in nature

Wein has graduated from the bachelor programme at DAE. Other BA graduates from this year include Willem Zwiers, who built furniture out of salvaged second-hand books.

Dezeen has produced a video showing more of the work on display at the exhibition.

The Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show is taking place as part of Dutch Design Week 2023, which runs from 21 to 29 October. See Dezeen Events Guide for more architecture and design events around the world.

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