Hoek’s FLEX Is the Swiss Army Knife of Furniture

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Modular furniture has been popular since the late 70s and early 80s, but it’s  experienced a resurgence in the last few years that doesn’t include orange velour. No longer is its inherent versatility relegated to sofas. Designers and brands are thinking outside the box to create compelling work while also disrupting the furniture industry. The latest introduction to this revolution is Hoek’s newest product – FLEX. Launched on Kickstarter, the unique modular piece of furniture can fit many of your needs: coffee table, shoe rack, lap desk, side table, pull-up sofa table, and more. The only limitations are those that you impose.

Conor Coghlan, Co-Founder and CEO of Hoek Home, shared the backstory: “The idea for FLEX began as a gift for a friend of ours who was pregnant. We wanted to create a simple and elegant piece of furniture that she would love, but also wanted it to be as useful around the house as possible.”

Innovative and minimal, FLEX is deceptively simple, designed using two interlocking U-shaped pieces that are proportioned for a variety of uses. It’s the Hoek product that most fully embodies the business’s mission, to create “the best, for the most, for the least,” as pioneered by Charles and Ray Eames.

The more FLEXs you have, the more modular they become. Join two to create a media console for your record collection or a display for your plants. Connect even more for a modular shelving system with timeless curved wood details. Sold as individual units or in bundles of two, three, or four, FLEX does not require any tools or hardware and can be easily set up or changed with zero experience.

To learn more about FLEX, visit the fully-funded Kickstarter here!

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