HONOR Magic V2 Review – This is The Fold You’re Looking For

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Foldable phones have been a staple in the tech industry for several years now, with major brands continuously refining their designs and enhancing build quality with each iteration. In 2024, the concept of foldable smartphones is far from novel. However, one company has truly pushed the boundaries with their second-generation foldable device, leaving me thoroughly impressed and captivated. 

Enter the HONOR Magic V2, a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of foldable technology. Boasting the title of the thinnest and lightest inward foldable phone currently available on the market, the HONOR Magic V2 sets a new standard for innovation and engineering prowess.

Upon receiving the review unit several weeks ago, my initial expectations were in line with the foldable devices I had encountered in the past. Yet, my experience with the HONOR Magic V2 surpassed all anticipations. Not only does it claim the crown as the lightest inward foldable phone ever produced, but its slim profile is equally remarkable. When folded, its thickness rivals that of an iPhone 15 Pro Max, showcasing the remarkable feat of engineering achieved by HONOR.

So without further delay, here is my brutally honest review of the new HONOR Magic V2 fold. 

First Look and Design

Renowned for its distinction as the lightest and thinnest inward foldable phone on the current market, the HONOR Magic V2 left an indelible impression from the moment I unboxed it. Its sleek silhouette immediately captivated my attention, offering a blend of elegance and functionality that piqued my curiosity. Remarkably, despite its slender form, the device provides a reassuring grip when unfolded.

Even in its folded state, the HONOR Magic V2 maintains its impressive slim profile, reminiscent of the dimensions of an iPhone 15 Pro Max, albeit with a noticeable reduction in weight. Surprisingly, it presents a slightly taller stature, yet remains comfortably manageable within a single hand, eliminating concerns of accidental slippage.

Transitioning to the external display, the HONOR Magic V2 offers a seamless user interface akin to conventional smartphones. Boasting a generous 6.43-inch screen size and a 20:9 aspect ratio eye care display, it ensures an immersive viewing experience. Moreover, the incorporation of HONOR’s cutting-edge 3840Hz PWM Dimming technology sets a new standard in visual comfort, effectively mitigating eye strain and delivering a risk-free dimming experience. Notably, this technology is a hallmark feature across HONOR’s latest lineup, including the mid-range HONOR X9b that is in my personal possession. 

Turning our attention to the functional elements, the HONOR Magic V2 positions the volume rocker and power button, which also functions as a fingerprint sensor, on the right side of the device. Notably, the absence of buttons on the left side is attributed to the integration of the folding hinge into the structural design. 

This hinge, crafted from super-light titanium, stands out for its remarkable slimness and durability. Leveraging HONOR’s proprietary HONOR Shield Steel for 80% of its body, the hinge material boasts a 25% reduction in thickness yet a 20% increase in strength compared to traditional steel, ensuring robust performance over time.

Certified by SGS, the hinge undergoes rigorous testing and is proven capable of enduring over 400,000 folds. With a lifespan of up to ten years, even under the assumption of folding the device a hundred times daily, the hinge’s reliability is unmatched. Notably, the absence of display gaps when folded represents a significant achievement for HONOR.

Moving to the device’s top and bottom, one of the two available speakers is situated at the top, while the second speaker, alongside the USB-C port and SIM tray, resides at the bottom. Despite its support for dual SIM connectivity, the HONOR Magic V2 does not include an external card slot.

Turning to the device’s rear, the camera bump, while slightly pronounced in my estimation, is addressed by the inclusion of a slim case within the packaging. This case not only diminishes the prominence of the camera bump but also offers a sleek appearance, featuring a leather-like texture and a convenient built-in stand. Although the case provides practical benefits, some users, myself included, may opt to forego it, given the device’s inherently appealing aesthetics.

Upon unfolding the HONOR Magic V2, users are welcomed by a stunning internal screen reminiscent of a tablet, boasting an expansive 7.92-inch display with a 9.78:9 aspect ratio. While the technical specifications may seem intricate, they contribute to the device’s immersive viewing experience. Notably, both the internal and external displays feature a high refresh rate of 120Hz, ensuring smooth transitions and fluid interactions. The front display achieves an impressive peak brightness of 2500 nits, while the internal display offers a peak brightness of 1600 nits, enhancing visibility even in bright outdoor environments.

One notable feature of the internal display is its anti-reflective screen coating, which significantly reduces reflections, allowing for clear viewing experiences without distracting glare or distortions. This ensures optimal visibility, whether indoors or outdoors, enhancing user comfort and usability.

Daily Use and Performance

The HONOR Magic V2’s foldable design not only enhances portability but also transforms it into a versatile tablet-like device, offering a myriad of possibilities for productivity and entertainment. With its split-screen feature, users can seamlessly multitask or tackle work-related tasks by simultaneously running two applications on the unfolded screen. Additionally, the internal display, complemented by stereo speaker placements, provides an immersive viewing experience particularly ideal for watching videos or engaging in multimedia content.

Despite its tablet-like capabilities, my personal preference leans towards utilizing the device in its folded state, primarily relying on the front display for everyday tasks. The slim form factor and stunning front display lend themselves perfectly to the experience of using the device as a conventional smartphone, rather than solely as a foldable device. However, the knowledge that I have the option to access a larger display for activities such as entertainment and gaming adds a layer of convenience and flexibility.

Under the hood, the HONOR Magic V2 packs a powerful punch, featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset paired with a generous 16GB of RAM, augmented by an additional 7GB of HONOR RAM Turbo feature. This robust configuration provides users with a total of 23GB of RAM, facilitating seamless multitasking and gaming experiences. Furthermore, the device offers a spacious 512GB of internal storage space, ensuring ample room for storing apps, media, and files.

Operating on HONOR’s proprietary MagicOS 7.2, based on Android 13 with an imminent upgrade to Android 14, the HONOR Magic V2 delivers a user-friendly and intuitive interface. As a proponent of MagicOS, I find its design and functionality easy to navigate. I personally like the overall look and feel to it. 

When it comes to battery performance, I’m delighted to share that the HONOR Magic V2 offers exceptional longevity, allowing me to comfortably go through up to two full days on a single charge. This impressive endurance is made possible by the inclusion of a substantial 5000mAh silicon-carbon battery, cleverly engineered to maintain a slim and compact profile despite its generous capacity.

Charging the battery is a swift affair, with my personal tests revealing that it can be replenished in less than 50 minutes using the provided 66W HONOR SuperCharge charging brick. For optimal efficiency, it’s advisable to keep the phone unfolded during charging sessions to maximize the charging speed and ensure a rapid turnaround time.

The HONOR Magic V2 offers a truly immersive and enjoyable entertainment experience, making it a top choice for users seeking multimedia enjoyment. Whether it’s indulging in a Netflix marathon or streaming the latest blockbuster, the HONOR Magic V2 elevates the viewing experience to new heights. With its vibrant displays and crisp visuals, watching movies on this device becomes an absolute delight.

One of the standout features of the HONOR Magic V2 is its versatility in viewing options. I have the flexibility to choose between two display options: the front display or the slightly larger internal display. This choice allows for a customized viewing experience tailored to my personal preferences. Whether you prefer the convenience of the front display for quick access or crave the immersive experience of the larger internal display, the HONOR Magic V2 caters to your entertainment needs with precision and finesse.

Given its foundation on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, my curiosity led me to subject the HONOR Magic V2 to an extensive gaming assessment. Equipped with PUBG Mobile, I embarked on a thorough examination of its gaming capabilities to gauge its overall performance. Enabling full graphic settings, I delved into the gaming experience, eager to assess the device’s prowess in handling demanding gaming scenarios.

To my delight, the gaming experience on the HONOR Magic V2 proved to be remarkably smooth and fluid, devoid of any noticeable lag. The inclusion of a stereo speaker setup further enhanced the immersive quality of gameplay, enveloping me in the action with rich and dynamic audio. The screen’s responsiveness to touches added to the overall enjoyment, ensuring precise control and seamless interaction during gameplay.

However, the transition to the 9.78:9 display aspect ratio initially posed a slight adjustment challenge, particularly noticeable in games like PUBG. The display’s more squarish orientation necessitated the realignment of on-screen buttons to accommodate the unconventional aspect ratio. Despite the initial awkwardness, familiarity soon set in after a few gaming sessions, ultimately leading to an appreciation for the unique display format and its immersive gaming experience.

In addition to gaming assessments, I conducted a comprehensive benchmark test on the HONOR Magic V2 using Antutu 3D. Impressively, the device garnered a commendable score of 1,173,182 points, indicative of its robust performance capabilities. This score falls within the expected range for devices powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Furthermore, the inclusion of a total of 23GB of RAM, inclusive of HONOR RAM Turbo, contributed to the device’s exceptional benchmark performance, surpassing expectations and affirming its prowess.

On top of that, I sought to evaluate the device’s performance using the 3DMark Wild Life benchmark. However, I encountered an unexpected outcome as the app was unable to benchmark the HONOR Magic V2, displaying a message simply stating, “Maxed Out!”. This suggests that the device may exceed the benchmarking capabilities of the application, underscoring its impressive power and performance. Despite that, the Wild Life Extreme benchmark yielded a respectable score of 2479 points, further reinforcing the device’s capability to deliver high-quality graphics performance.

Camera and Photography

The camera system featured on the HONOR Magic V2 is undeniably impressive, offering a versatile array of lenses to cater to various photography needs. At the forefront, the main camera boasts a robust 50-megapixel sensor setup, delivering high-resolution images with exceptional clarity and detail. Similarly, the ultra-wide-angle camera shares the same 50-megapixel sensor, ensuring consistency in image quality across different perspectives. 

To further enhance creative possibilities, the device is equipped with a 20-megapixel telephoto camera, facilitating enhanced zoom capabilities and stunning portrait shots. On the selfie front, both the external and internal selfie cameras boast 16-megapixel sensors, enabling users to capture striking self-portraits with remarkable clarity and detail.

The HONOR Magic V2 introduces an innovative feature known as “Hover mode,” transforming the device into its own tripod. By simply placing the device on a flat surface like a table, users can effortlessly capture hands-free photos or videos, adding convenience to their photography endeavors. For selfie enthusiasts, the option to utilize the main rear camera while keeping the device unfolded provides the opportunity to capture higher-quality photos, utilizing the external display as a viewfinder for precision framing and composition.

My photography experience with the HONOR Magic V2 was truly enjoyable, with the vast majority of photos exhibiting impressive quality straight out of the camera, requiring minimal to no editing. Even in low-light conditions, the device excelled, delivering well-processed images with minimal noise, ensuring consistently outstanding results. It’s evident that the HONOR Magic V2 excels not only as a versatile work and entertainment phone but also as a powerful tool for smartphone photography enthusiasts. 

If you’re passionate about photography, the HONOR Magic V2 undoubtedly deserves a spot in your arsenal, offering a wealth of features and capabilities to elevate your creative pursuits.

Take a look at some of the photos that I have taken with the HONOR Magic V2 during my test period. 


The HONOR Magic V2 emerges as an exceptional inward foldable smartphone, setting new standards with its remarkable slimness and lightness, distinguishing itself as the thinnest and lightest foldable device currently available in the market. Its ergonomic design and seamless folding mechanism make it a joy to use, compelling users to continually engage in the satisfying action of folding and unfolding the phone. The device’s vibrant display, adorned with rich colors, enhances the user experience, adding a layer of enjoyment to every interaction. 

Moreover, its impressive battery life, capable of lasting beyond 36 hours, ensures uninterrupted usage, cementing its status as a reliable companion for all-day activities. For those seeking a versatile smartphone that excels in every aspect, the HONOR Magic V2 emerges as the clear choice.

Transitioning from a “normal” smartphone to the HONOR Magic V2 offers users a transformative experience, providing the option to expand the display size akin to using a tablet. The unfolding process feels akin to magic, with a seamless transition from the external to the internal display. Continuity in user experience is ensured, allowing tasks started on the external display to seamlessly continue on the larger internal display. This fluid integration facilitates enhanced productivity and convenience, empowering users to effortlessly transition between different tasks and viewing modes.

Beyond its innovative design and versatile display options, the HONOR Magic V2 proves itself to be a formidable entertainment and gaming machine. While the aspect ratio may initially feel unfamiliar, users are quickly drawn to its unique appeal, finding it to be a refreshing departure from conventional smartphone designs. Its slim profile belies its powerful performance, making it a compelling choice for gamers seeking an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

In conclusion, the HONOR Magic V2 stands out as a game-changer in the realm of smartphones, offering a super-slim inward foldable design coupled with exceptional performance and functionality. Its sleek design, comfortable feel in hand, lightweight construction, and overall impressive performance make it a device worth recommending to friends and family. Personal appreciation for its design, ergonomics, and performance further solidify its position as a top recommendation in the smartphone market.

Find out more about the new HONOR Magic V2 on HONOR’s official website: https://www.hihonor.com/my/phones/honor-magic-v2/

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