Hot Passion for The Cool Attractions of Snow and Ice

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BEIJING, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from China Daily

Young people from around the world gathered at Jilin University in Changchun, Jilin province, on Dec 20, to engage in discussions on the topic “Youth Drive: Empowering Global Promotion for a World-Class Ski Resort”. The aim was for Generation Z individuals collectively to relate to the world stories about the province’s ice and snow.

Ten guests from Finland, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as more than 200 guests from the university, took part, and representatives of more than 20 media outlets from China and elsewhere were present.

Stephanie Paine from Germany shared her insights and experiences during her time in Jilin. With her Gen Z peers, she explored various locations in the province and took part in activities including skiing at Beidahu Ski Resort and having a drifting tour at the Magic World scenic area of the Changbai Mountain.

The Gen Zers enjoyed a variety of ethnic delights while taking in ice-based entertainment at Changchun Ice and Snow New World. Stephanie told of Jilin’s winter appeal, saying it offers skiing opportunities on powder snow accompanied by the warm hospitality of the locals. She told of how every aspect of powder snow brings with it a narrative of ingenuity and aspiration in Jilin’s ice and snow tourism.

The Gen Zers at the event were designated Jilin cultural ambassadors. During a roundtable discussion, six of them gave suggestions on how Changbai Mountains could be transformed into an internationally renowned ski resort.

Examining the natural resources and geographical beauty of Jilin, Sergi Drago Gonzalez from Spain emphasized the province’s distinctive location at a latitude most favourable for ice and snow. The Changbai Mountains, widely regarded as the preeminent skiing destination in China, are positioned alongside the Rockies in North America and the Alps in Europe as one of the top three skiing havens in the world. The powdery, consistent and soft snow accommodates skiers of all skill levels, underscoring the exceptional natural advantages of Jilin. August Hagen, from Norway, talked of the consistent and accessible nature of Jilin’s snow, which is not subject to extreme weather variations and provides reliable options for brief skiing excursions, a distinct advantage in international skiing.

Six of the Gen Z guests gave suggestions on how Changbai Mountains could be transformed into an internationally renowned ski resort.

Christoph Rainer Bank, from Germany, lauded Jilin for its skiing assets, complemented by a diverse ice and snow-related activities including culinary delights, hot springs and artistic interpretations of ice and snow.

Anais Carolina Fernandez-Laaksonen from Finland emphasized the distinctive appeal of “ice and snow+” experiences in Jilin that  resonate strongly with student organizations. She suggested using social media platforms to promote Jilin’s ice and snow assets.


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