How Ainsley Drew’s Terrible Drawings are Bringing Smiles to Faces Everywhere

Ainsley Drew may not be the best artist, but she has certainly captured the hearts of many with her quirky and hilarious drawings. As the mind behind Instagram account @lousydrawingsforgoodpeople, Ainsley draws inspiration from various sources and shares her work on social media platforms regularly.

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During the pandemic, Ainsley’s friends asked her to draw their pets, which led to the birth of her social media handle. Since then, she has been creating doodles that are relatable, funny, and often inspired by her own personal experiences. Her drawings touch on topics such as body image, childhood trauma, and anxiety, while also featuring memes and marine life that she finds interesting.


What makes Ainsley’s work so appealing is her message of finding joy in imperfection. She encourages everyone to pursue what they love, regardless of whether or not they’re good at it. For Ainsley, drawing may not be her strongest skill, but it brings her happiness, and that is what matters most.

Through her social media presence, Ainsley has managed to connect with people all over the world. Her drawings have brought smiles to faces during tough times, serving as a reminder to enjoy life and make stuff while we can.



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