How To Create A Nail Logo Design For Your Nail Salon Business?

Life may not be perfect but your nails can be! You might be planning to start a nail salon business. If so, to promote your nail salon business, first, have an impressive logo. People will connect with your salon when they see its logo in your advertisements, signboard, and other marketing materials. Here we’ve discussed how you can create your brand message and the personality of your nail salon with a well-designed nail logo.

Yours could be a traditional nail salon, green nail salon, home nail salon, mobile nail salon, men’s nail salon, coffin nail salon, or specialty artificial nail salon. Whichever may be your expertise, you need a logo to make a desirable impression on your potential customers. They will find it harder to identify your salon business if it still runs without a logo.

Importance Of A Nail Logo For Your Nail Salon Business

Your nail salon business must have its logo for several reasons.

Here Is Why Your Business Needs A Logo:

  • Grab Attention – With a well-designed logo, you can quickly catch your potential customers’ attention. Since people’s attention span is fast declining, a visually appealing logo design is your way to catch their eye.
  • Make A Great first impression – First impression matters a lot for running a business successfully. With an aesthetically designed nail logo, you can impress people instantly. They will recall your business based on that impression.
  • Build Your Brand Identity – Brand identity is all about how people perceive your business. An effective nail salon logo will help mold their perception in your favor, which transforms your salon into a brand.
  • Stand Out From Your Competitors – Your salon must look different from other competitors’ salons in your vicinity. With a unique logo, people will see your business offering something different from the other salons.

Tips For Creating Your Nail Salon Logo Design

01. Consider Your Nail Business Niche

Before using a logo maker DIY tool or hiring a logo designer to create your nail business logo, make sure you know your niche. Do not think that just any logo will serve the purpose. It should specifically belong to a particular segment of your business.

Nail business is fast expanding, with specialized niches emerging up everywhere. There were traditional nail salons only. Many variations such as home nail salons, green nail salons, and even men’s nail salons have sprung up.

So, think of your nail business niche while designing your logo. You will then create the logo to address that specific set of customers.

02. Keep Your Customer Persona In Mind

It would be good to create your ideal customer persona for your nail salon business. Who are the customers most likely to visit your salon? Find out which age group of customers you want to target. Are they teenagers or grown-up ladies?

Are you running a nail salon for men? In that case, the customer persona will change a lot. So, draw a picture of an ideal customer who is more likely to pay regular visits to your salon for nail care. Then, keep that customer in mind while designing your salon logo.

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03. Choose The Right Type of Logo

Make sure that you choose the right type of logo out of many. There are two types of logos – text only and graphics based.

A text-based logo is a typography-based design. You may add a full business name or its initials in stylish letters.

Graphics based logos may have your salon’s name and a themed salon graphic. You will show the graphic in the logo design next to your business name or above it.

Choose the graphics logo when the graphic is unique and attractive. It should convey your brand message to the customers at a glance.

04. Think of Different Shapes

Logos come in different shapes. You should pick a shape carefully as it will lend a personality to your nail salon business logo. Most nail salon logos are rectangular, which is the shape to convey efficiency and professionalism.

An upward pointed triangle is another popular shape for nail salons to communicate efficiency, professionalism, growth, and assertiveness.

05. Select Colors To Evoke Emotions

Make sure that your nails logo raises the viewers’ emotions. They want to perceive your business in a certain way. So, how they look at your salon brand will depend on the colors you use.

Most nail salon logos are pink, blue, gray, and green. These colors express the elegance and tenderness associated with ladies. So, if you run a nail care salon for ladies, then pink, blue, and green could be your choice. Pink is the most used color as it is considered vibrant, feminine, and romantic. But you should prefer gray for the salon logo if it is for men. Gray also is a color to express calm, luxury, and sophistication.

06. Pick Suitable Fonts That Go Well With Your Niche

A font style will give your salon a personality. The logo should project your salon as an appealing entity in your niche. Your nail business already has competitors, but its logo with the correct typography can stand out.

To stand out, avoid incorporating trendy fonts such as Museo or Josefin since many other salon owners’ logos have them. These slab serif fonts may be popular for salon logos but choose a less used font to drive people’s attention.

07. Think Of Incorporating A Catchy Slogan

Your nail logo design will convey its brand message even more effectively with a slogan incorporated. Slogans send out a message directly and tell about what the salon aims for while serving the customers.

Some Of The Catchy Nail Slogans That We Found Are:

  • We Have the Nail Knowledge
  • It’s time to get trimmed
  • Welcome to the House of Nails
  • Rocking reds for your nails
  • Nails on The Brain
  • We Love Tips

You Can Also Think Of Adding A Funny Slogan Such As:

  • Cut the crap, not your nails
  • Sharpen your edges

08. Create A Versatile and Scalable Logo

A versatile salon logo appears impressive in colors and without colors. Its black and white version also should be visually appealing. Many newspapers, magazines, and others advertise in black and white. Also, fax papers and other stationery show up the logo without colors. This implies that your business logo must also impress people in its black and white version.

Additionally, remember that as your salon business grows, you would like to enhance its reach among your target customers. That will prompt you to put the logo on billboards in big sizes or on promotional items of small sizes such as a pen, bottle, etc.

Therefore, your logo must respond to different scaling requirements. It should not look disoriented when blown up to large scales, such as on billboard advertisements. But it must also be showing its design details cleanly when shrunk to a smaller space on a pen, drink bottles, and mobile screens.

How to create your nail salon logo on your own?

Now that you know what design elements should go into a nail salon business logo, find out how you can get the logo for your business. Since yours is a new and upcoming salon business, do not spend much money on hiring a designer. Instead, you can design it all by yourself using a DIY tool.

When designing the logo using a DIY tool, first select a trustworthy logo-making software. You can use the Nail Logo Maker by Designhill. This AI-based logo creator has all the editing tools and a vast pool of colors, fonts, and icons related to the nail business. Designing a nail logo with this software is easy.

These Are The Steps You Need To Take :

  • Enter your salon’s business name in the bar of the Nail Logo Maker.
  • There are hundreds of pre-designed nail logo templates with the software. You need to pick one suitable template.
  • Then, choose colors for your nail logo from different color schemes.
  • Choose your font style from the fonts, icons, and text library.
  • Customize the logo by experimenting with what combination of colors, fonts, etc., will make your logo an impressive icon.
  • Try your logo on various mock products to see how it will look.
  • When satisfied, download the logo, start using it, and make it your salon’s brand identity.

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Wrapping Up

Salon business is highly competitive, with hundreds of small to big businesses in different niches lined up. Your nail logo design must look unique, simple, and impressive to stand out. But make sure that you know your brand message and target customer. You can even create a logo yourself without experience designing a logo using a logo maker.

Create Your Own Nail Logo

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