How to Design a Circle Logo to Master Circular Branding

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Circular shapes are amongst the most used layouts for logos. A circle logo immediately drives our attention since we all see it as a symbol of completeness and fullness. For this reason, brands use circle designs in their different marketing and promotional visuals.

Shapes are central to designing logos. Company logos come in different shapes: square, triangular, horizontal, abstract, and more. But circle designs are amongst the most used layouts. Many global brands boast of their round logos, conveying the underlying message with an impact.

Merely having a specific shape of the logo is not going to help. Your logo must also look different from your competitors’ logos to carve a niche in the target markets.

What is the circle concept in the logo?

Circles are universally known to represent completeness, wholeness, and infinity. Graphic designers have been exploring circles to convey a sense of community and unity. Circle designs also evoke connectivity.

So, a circle logo concept conveys the brand message of trust and unity. It is also about showcasing that a brand stands for innovation and movement.

Tips on how to design a circle logo

Circular shapes are tricky since there is limited space inside, and the boundaries are shorter. Therefore, unlike in other shapes, your freedom to incorporate design elements is mostly restricted. So, you must take extra caution in creating your circle brand logo. Here are the basics to consider when working on circle logo ideas.

01. Understand your audience  

Before you design your circle logo, understand whom it will target. You should understand the target audience or customers of your business. Find out which section of the population is the chief buyer of your offerings in the market. Then, create visuals, mainly your logo, for them. They should get a precise brand message by glancing at your logo design.

So, research the business to know about the audience and their backgrounds. Generally, automobile companies have a circle logo design for trust, stability, and strength.

02. Make it short

A circular shape has its limitations due to smaller space. There needs to be more space left within the circle to incorporate additional elements. So, when using horizontal text, ensure that only 1-5 characters of your company name are included. Alternatively, you can use initials or an acronym beside the company name within the circle.

But use the typeface carefully so that the company name is visible nicely in a smaller circular shape. Ensure that the logo is still legible when scaled down. 

03. Use your brand elements

A logo is the central brand identity of any company and its business. When people see the logo, they should align it with your company’s other visuals, such as websites, business cards, and all the marketing materials. That measure helps in building brand consistency through a digital logo.

So, your logo font and color should be the same as used elsewhere in your branding visuals. For instance, use the same typeface that you have already used to create a website, business cards, etc. 

04. Curve the letters

If you plan to have a logo styled as a badge, crest, or emblem, it is advisable to use curved text. With curved text, you can add more details. That will also give the logo a more sophisticated look. Businesses can emphasize their symbols in round logos by curving the text.  

05. Build a visual hierarchy

Use the space wisely in such a way that it helps in creating a visual hierarchy. This means most design elements should be placed at the top or center. Ideally, the company name should be at the top or center for instant visibility. It will also help quickly drive the customers’ attention to the brand name.

06. Design a symmetrical logo

The symmetrical design looks appealing, which could also be a way to drive customers’ attention to your business. The logos created with symmetry convey reliability, strength, firmness, and security. The symmetrical shape of a circle emblem also has a calming effect on our eyes.

07. Test your logo

There are dozens of online platforms where your logo will appear during your marketing and promotional campaign. That should compel you to test your logo design on all such platforms. Find out if the logo scales down well without losing its quality. This is because it will appear on the small mobile phone screens. Test it for larger screens, such as billboards, where the logo should look right.

Make sure the logo design looks impressive on a business card, as a profile image on social media, and as a favicon. It should be a legible design across all channels. So, if you create a logo using a circle logo maker, test it before making it your brand identity.

Inspirational circle logos from global brands

Many brands boast of a circle logo and are popular with customers. They can identify these logos with their products or services instantly at a glance. Here are some global companies with circle logos for inspiration:

01. Starbucks

Starbucks is a famous example of a circle logo. Take this logo as your inspiration when designing a logo. The siren mermaid figure is a slightly asymmetrical face tightly contained in a green circle. The logo appears cleanly on bags, coffee cups, signage, and more. It successfully establishes a brand identity without any use of text. 

The Starbucks logo design is also an ideal example of how a circular logo should scale well without losing its impression. It should still be legible and functional.

02. AT&T

AT&T is in the telecommunications business. Its circle logo design is a blue globe with white lines. These circular lines stand for the globe and connectivity. It also conveys the brand’s global reach, besides interconnectedness.

03. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness app. Its circular logo is an imperfect orange circle. An imperfect circle conveys that the brand is approachable, making it more human and organic.

Orange evokes enthusiasm, happiness, and creativity. All these qualities are related to mindfulness.

04. Reuters

Reuters is a global news organization and has a swirling circle logo design. It features a focal point, and then several circle dots represent the organization’s global reach.

Circles also stand for inclusively and unity. This way, the circles reflect the organization’s mission of providing comprehensive news.

05. BMW

BMW logo is another famous example of a circle logo. This minimal logo looks more like a retro-style logo. The blue-and-white design is a monogram mark in a circular shape.

The logo is a bold, sans-serif typeface that scales well, with the text remaining legible.

06. Beats

The Beats headphone’s circle logo explores negative space to form a music disc after creating a lowercase ‘’b.’’ The letter also doubles as a headphone symbol. It is a clean and refined logo in red and white.

The logo can be easily scaled down, which means it looks impressive on all the products.

07. Nivea

Nivea is another global brand with a circle logo. The white wordmark in the blue circle stands for the brand’s body lotion tins. The logo with a blue circle appears equally impressive on the lid of a bottle and the screw-top of a tin.

So, you are most likely to think of Nivea whenever you see a dark blue circle. It is an inspirational design when you wish to create a neat, clean, simple logo that makes a lasting impression on the audience.

08. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great example of how circle logos convey their brand message with an impact. The brand name’s initial letter ‘P’ in white is shaped like a pin. So, viewers immediately know what the company or the site is about. Users instantly connect with the message, pinning the images of their interest.

So, these are the main tips you should consider when designing your circle-shaped company logo. Your logo must be unique and stand out from those already available in your industry.

If yours is an upcoming small business with a limited budget, you can still get a unique logo design. You can access an AI logo generator from Designhill to create the logo on your own. All you need to ensure is to enter your company name, industry type, choice of colors, fonts, and icons. Then, the software will automatically generate many new logo ideas. You can then pick a suitable logo as your brand identity.

You can also explore various circle logo template to get ideas and inspiration for your business logo.  

Wrapping Up

Circle logos are amongst the most popular and aesthetically pleasing designs. But circular shapes are tricky to turn into logos due to space restrictions. So, consider the space and choose ideal fonts and colors for brand consistency. Visual hierarchy and symmetry of the design must also be ensured for a cohesive brand identity.

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