How To Set Full Instagram DP Without Any Size Crop

Instagram is one of the best social platforms to share your updates, Show your business profile, interact with millions of people over the internet. Insta brought a drastic change in the Branding & Social Profile. As a regular user, you could notice the small limitation of Instagram. In this article, I will let you know the limitation of insta profile picture update & a quick solution for it

How to set Full Instagram DP without any size Crop:

How To Set Full Instagram DP Without Any Size Crop | Instagram Profile pic without cropping

Learn a quick solution to set full instagram dp without any size cropping, here you can find 4 different methods to upload your instagram with full size. pick the best one that suitable for you on available resource.

1) SquareDroid:

#SquareDroid turns the regular size picture into a adjustable instagram profile within few seconds, even edit the pic & compress to minimal size before exporting the file

SquareDroid is a perfect tool to resize, add color & make it compatible with Instagram profile pictures. Get #SquareDroid on Play store, install the app & follow the below steps:

  • Open #SquareDroid App on your mobile
  • Click on File upload & navigate to the desired picture in file manager
  • Select the photo & tap on Instagram profile pic update

Within a few seconds, it shows the preview of the picture & export the final picture to use on instagram profile

2) Befunky

You can use Befunky Photo editor to make the picture suitable for Instagram profile.

  • Go to, upload a picture onto dashboard
  • Once you get to see the live preview, navigate to frames section
  • Add a Square Shaped Frame to the picture, then save the picture
  • Export the picture & directly upload on instagram profile without any crop

3) Kapwing:

instagram profile without crop | Kapwing photo editorLog on to to resize the image to Instagram profile picture size, this way:

  • Open Tool: & upload a picture of your choice
  • Adjust the picture as per your social media app: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter picture sizes
  • In our case, we choose the Instagram Profile -> 5:4 aspect & save the picture
  • Download the edited pic on your PC & use it on Instagram

4) No Crop Pic for Instagram:

no crop pic for instagram | instagram profile without cropDownload ‘No Crop Pic for Instagram‘ on your Mobile phone:

  • Open the app, select the picture of your choice & tap on Instagram profile pic setup
  • Then it will set up the picture as per Instagram Profile Pic Sizes
  • Now, download the final output & upload the pic for Instagram profile

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