HyperStrong CEO Attends COP28, Actively Contributes to Global Sustainable Development Goals

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DUBAI, UAE, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Beijing HyperStrong Technology Co., Ltd. (“HyperStrong” or “the Company”) co-founder, chairman, and CEO Jianhui Zhang attended the recent 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 28) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he presented and participated in discussions on crucial topics such as sustainable development, energy transformation solutions, and green supply chain practices. HyperStrong, a leader in dedicated energy storage system (ESS) integration and service provision, also signed a collective vision statement for the development of global zero-carbon communities.

HyperStrong is rapidly expanding its international business to provide one-stop energy storage system solutions for partners in the global ecological chain and is currently deploying regional centers and local teams in North America, Europe, and Australia. This year, the Company participated in leading renewable energy exhibitions in Germany, the United States, and Australia, displaying the Company’s flagship products and cutting-edge solutions, and reaching various cooperation deals with many partners and customers in the industry.

“In the near future, the integrated application of energy storage products in new energy consumption, transportation, construction, industry, rural areas, and other fields will continue to deepen,” said Jianhui Zhang. “Diverse application scenarios such as smart energy, smart transportation, household storage, smart electrification, and virtual power plants will all be ubiquitous.”

New energy storage plays a pivotal role in constructing a modern power system, contributing significantly to power supply support, enhanced system adjustment capabilities, and the overall safety of grid operations. The transition from traditional source-to-load dynamics to source-grid-load-storage integration marks a transformative shift in the power system, aligning with the three overarching development goals of safety, green practices, and efficiency.

Examining the global electrochemical energy storage market’s size reveals sustained rapid growth. Predictions indicate an addition of over 1000GWh of energy storage capacity worldwide from 2022 to 2030, with China and the United States continuing as the leading markets. In terms of technology trends, the energy storage industry’s large-scale development stage necessitates exploration into digitalization, intelligence, safety, and efficient, coordinated development. Solid-state battery technology is acknowledged as a crucial solution to safety concerns, with HyperStrong actively deploying next-generation intrinsically safe battery technology. HyperStrong’s co-developed semi-solid lithium iron phosphate battery for energy storage has successfully entered mass production and application in projects.

Intelligent energy storage systems face challenges in managing extensive data generated by projects, identifying fault risks swiftly, and ensuring system safety. HyperStrong addresses these concerns through big data and artificial intelligence, establishing a digital model for the product life cycle. This facilitates multi-dimensional status analysis, health diagnosis, fault location, and long-term safety risk warnings, ensuring power station safety, operational efficiency, and enhancing asset value.

Smart manufacturing is prioritized for energy storage product quality, with HyperStrong aiming to build several zero-carbon smart manufacturing bases. The establishment of a product life cycle traceability system and a new digital and intelligent manufacturing model support high-quality, large-scale delivery of energy storage products, securing the industry’s sustainable development. So far, HyperStrong has accumulated experience of over 10GWh energy storage deployment.

About Beijing HyperStrong Technology

Beijing HyperStrong Technology Co., Ltd. (“HyperStrong”) is a leading ESS integrator and service provider. Founded in 2011, HyperStrong has become the largest ESS integrator in China. With over 10 years of R&D and experience garnered through more than 300 ESS projects, HyperStrong offers a full portfolio of ESS products as well as one-stop solutions for clients ranging from thermal power and renewable power generation to C&I and residential users. Having built two smart manufacturing bases, two R&D centers, a testing lab and a global marketing center, HyperStrong empowers clients worldwide to achieve their energy transition and carbon neutrality goals.

For three consecutive years (2020-2022), the China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA) has ranked HyperStrong as the top ESS player by energy storage system installation and/or delivery volume in the Chinese market. According to a recent report unveiled by S&P Global, HyperStrong is ranked one of the top 5 ESS integrators worldwide in terms of project scale as of July 2023.


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