Hytta Cabin: A Modern Cabin Retreat for Uninterrupted Relaxation + Creativity

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Dominik Ilichman and Adam Hofman recognized the need for a sanctuary that could free people from the daily barrage of notifications, the hum of digital noise, and the incessant urge to check our phones. In response, they crafted a modern cabin where the noise of the outside world disappears, and a sense of tranquility takes over in the Czech Republic’s Lípa nad Dřevnicí. The place is the Hytta cabin, a modern oasis designed to help you find uninterrupted time for creativity, reflection, and relaxation.

At its core, Hytta is a celebration of Scandinavian minimalism. The philosophy? Minimalism fosters maximum focus and creativity. Inside, every element serves a purpose, eliminating any potential distractions. Yet, they’ve ensured that the modern comforts are still present, so you can work, think, and relax without compromise.

The Hytta cabin sits on a south-facing slope next to a pine forest, a deliberate move that shields it from the disturbances of civilization. The design, inspired by a former hunting cabin, creates a blend of rustic charm and modern innovation.

The ground floor includes an open living area with an integrated kitchen, a foyer, a bathroom, a utility room, and an outdoor bathroom for a direct connection to nature. The cabin’s high gable roof in the main living space provides ample room to explore one’s creativity. The bedroom, with a large window facing east, allows witness to the morning sun from the comforts of bed.

Hytta is heated primarily by a cast-iron, wood-burning stove with underfloor heating adding backup to ensure the cabin is always cozy and comfortable.

Two cozy nooks, one accessible from the bedroom and a second one above the main living area, offer additional sleeping areas, making Hytta perfect for accommodating up to six people. A large oak dining table doubles as a workspace, and technical facilities, like a computer monitor, are seamlessly integrated into storage cabinets. High-speed internet ensures connection when needed, and biodynamic lighting promotes healthy sleep by avoiding the emission of disruptive blue light after dark.

The walls and ceiling are clad in spruce offering a warm, cozy backdrop to the black accents and neutral furnishings.

A bent sheet metal staircase in the kitchen is suspended by cables as it rises to the main bedroom.

A short walk away from the cabin, a modern Finnish sauna with a cold immersion tub awaits. The structure, with its deep charred-timber clad facade, almost blends with the surrounding nature. The sauna offers a perfect spot to unwind while taking in the unobstructed views of the forest. The relaxation area, shower, and sauna are thoughtfully designed to provide a serene escape outside the cabin.

Adam Hofman and Dominik Ilichman

Want to escape your own hectic world for a bit? Luckily, the Hytta cabin is available to rent. More information here.

Photography by Studio Flusser and Julius Filip.

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