i-ESG launches global service for ESG-specific data-driven digital solutions

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SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — i-ESG, a data-driven digital solutions startup specializing in ESG (environmental, social, and governance), has announced its entry into the Japanese market.

i-ESG launches global service for ESG-specific data-driven digital solutions

i-ESG is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides an ESG integrated management solution based on artificial intelligence and big data. Originating as an in-house venture of a Fortune 500 company with extensive global business experience, i-ESG has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges companies face in effectively addressing ESG issues. The company has developed a solution to help businesses navigate and respond to ESG considerations in practical terms.

Boasting over nine patents in data technology, i-ESG offers a range of solutions, including ESG self-diagnosis, critical issue identification, ESG report automation, supply chain management, and GHG management. These solutions empower companies to promptly address and manage ESG-related challenges. Specifically, i-ESG facilitates user-friendly access to AI-enhanced feedback derived from extensive big data analysis, benchmark comparisons, and customized ESG market trend information via intuitive dashboards.

Participating in the “2023 Korea ICT Expo in Japan” held in Tokyo in June, i-ESG observed a demand for ESG solutions in Japan that parallels the requirements in Korea. A representative from the company emphasized the importance of ESG response and management for Japanese companies engaged in diverse global businesses. The representative expressed confidence that i-ESG’s solutions, aligning with global ESG regulations and frameworks, would be highly beneficial for Japanese companies. 

“The ESG landscape is evolving swiftly, and the extensive breadth and complexity of ESG pose significant challenges for companies attempting to navigate it independently.” said Jongwoong Kim, CEO of i-ESG. He also added, “Our SaaS solution, leveraging artificial intelligence and big data technology, aims not only to cut down the costs associated with ESG management but also to overcome the limitations of the current one-time approach.”

Participating in numerous global exhibitions this year, including those in Japan, Dubai, and Singapore, i-ESG is actively building a global network, driving forward its expansion of global services.


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