IDB launches T2V, a cloud web editor-based visualization solution to enter the Japanese market

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SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IDB Inc. has been solving various problems in manufacturing sites by utilizing AIoT convergence technology.

IDB’s AI solutions go beyond solving problems of productivity, quality, lead time, and industrial disaster risk at manufacturing sites, and contribute to customers in the manufacturing industry creating a data-based decision-making system.

“T2V” is a web editor-based data visualization solution.

T2V provides functions that provide a data engine, canvas-based editor, and viewer functions so that users can easily make the front-end application.

IDB saved a lot of cost and time by using its own solution, T2V, to collect various sensor data and implement the results analyzed through machine learning into a monitoring system.

IDB’s machine learning-based predictive maintenance (Baro Go AI), process analysis (Quartz Go AI), and deep learning-based video safety anomaly detection solution (Protect Go AI) are basically equipped with an artificial intelligence-based API on top of the T2V solution. 

The process of developing data analysis visualization and AI systems frequently requires modification of front-end development according to customer requirements, but by using T2V, planned the front-end can be easily created without the help of system developers and in a short time as required by the market and customers. The advantage is that it can be modified flexibly, so IoT and artificial intelligence companies can focus only on their business models.

IDB partners with various types of IoT sensor companies to provide sensor-based real-time monitoring services. In addition, by providing IDB’s machine learning-based API, it is helping companies using T2V focus on services by utilizing universal AI technology.

IDB is aiming to target the Singapore, Japan, and Central and South American markets. To this end, it will contribute to overseas exports by providing various services such as T2V cloud services and AIoT edge systems.

About T2V

T2V, a web visualization editor solution, provides data collection, processing, visualization, and AI anomaly detection functions through cloud services and AIoT edge systems, and is promoting exports not only domestically but also overseas.


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