IGDX Business and Conference 2023: Southeast Asia’s Premier Game Developer Event Breaks Records in Bali

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BALI, Indonesia, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The gaming world witnessed an extraordinary gathering of talent, innovation, and opportunity at the Indonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX) Business and Conference 2023, held from October 11th to 13th. This annual event, known as the largest game developer event in Southeast Asia, set new records and exceeded all expectations, bringing together more than 900 participants, including over 100 game developers and an array of publishers, buyers, investors, and leading gaming companies. This year’s event was a resounding success, with over 800 meetings taking place in just two days. The Power of Connections One of IGDX’s main highlights was the opportunity of developers had to discuss projects, secure funding, and explore collaborations with industry giants.

IGDX Business Matchmaking Area with more than 800 meetings achieved in 2 days.

Big Players in the Gaming World What sets IGDX apart is the presence of major industry players. This year, the event welcomed representatives from gaming giants such as Steam, Google, Xbox, and PlayStation. Their presence underscored the significance of IGDX as a hub for fostering innovation, partnerships, and investment opportunities in the gaming sphere. IGDX also attracted international publishers, including Raw Fury, Plug in Digital, Kepler Interactive, and Fellow Traveller.

The event was not just about discussions; it was about action. Right after the event, several developers, including SLAB, Livander, Gingersun, and Khailabs, struck deals that will shape the future of their projects and further enrich Indonesia’s gaming landscape. Those developers expected to continue the numerous titles achieving international acclaim in recent years from games like “Coffee Talk,” “A Space for The Unbound,” “Coral Island,” “My Lovely Daughter,” “Selera Nusantara,” “Potion Permit,” and many more that takes to make a mark on the global stage.

Government Support Fuels Growth The Indonesian government, through the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, has been a driving force behind the country’s flourishing game industry. IGDX, which started in 2019, is a testament to this support, providing a platform for local developers to shine.

IGDX Business and Conference 2023 was not just an event; with record-breaking meetings, the presence of industry giants, and a promising future, IGDX has cemented its place as a cornerstone of Southeast Asia’s gaming landscape. Keep an eye out for what’s in store for IGDX 2024 – it’s bound to be even more spectacular! For more information could be found on www.igdx.id.


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