INNOVATION TO INSPIRE, A WONDEROUS FUTURE | Tianma 2023 Global Innovation Conference, Seven Innovative Achievements Unveiled

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XIAMEN, China, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On November 27th, Tianma Innovation Conference (TIC) 2023 was held in Xiamen with the theme of INNOVATION TO INSPIRE, A WONDEROUS FUTURE.

Seven Innovative Achievements

Seven Innovative Achievements Highlighted

In this era of technological innovation, Tianma, as always, understands the rhythm of the times and adheres to the underlying model of “scenario application” + “technological innovation” to achieve Tianma’s founding principle and mission TO CREATE COLORFUL LIFE. Based on this, Tianma announced its latest SFT (Super Fine TFT-LCD), SFO (Super Fine OLED) and SFM (Super Fine Micro/Mini-LED) technology platforms.

Four Curve with Equal Height OLED Display

At present, the pursuit of the ultimate “screen-to-body ratio” continues to be driven by cell phone screen manufacturers’ unremitting efforts. Tianma’s innovative “Four Curve with Equal Height OLED Display” not only makes OLED cell phone displays show a more comfortable, more rounded four-sided equal width display effect, but also achieves the visual effect of “true full screen”, bringing users a more immersive cell phone experience. It realizes the ultimate display with a corner height of 0.8mm and overcomes the problem of compressed deformation with a corner shape of 0.24mm to achieve this industry-leading level.

Green and Healthy EL Device

With the increase in screen size, brightness, and the growth in demand for high-refresh-rate games and other applications, the requirements for OLED panels to be green and low-carbon have also increased. To help address this need, Tianma has built a systematic optical and electrical simulation platform to construct optimal OLED device stacks and improve the light-emitting efficiency and energy conversion efficiency of the materials. Compared with the previous T7+ generation material system, Tianma’s new U8 material system, EL luminescence efficiency is increased by 11% and voltage is reduced by 9%, which significantly reduces the energy consumption of the OLED screen. In addition, Tianma’s U8 EL device performance in two areas, power consumption and blue light content, reach an industry leading level, lowering power consumption relative to industry standards by 8%, and low blue light relative to industry standards by 14%.

Automotive Dynamic OLED Display

The dynamic bending OLED technology released by Tianma has once again revolutionized people’s thinking about automotive displays. Based on the design, this product can be changed according to people’s “needs”: when the user needs the screen, it can be used as in-car instrumentation, navigation, passenger entertainment, etc., and can be bent and adjusted according to the user’s height, viewing habits, etc., which enhances both convenience and comfort; When not needed, the display can be “hidden” to reduce power consumption and ensure driving safety.

Tianma has successfully completed the development of the first domestic automotive dynamic bending OLED screen technology, with product performance meeting the mechanical strength of the vehicle regulations required, with more than 200 thousand times of dynamic bending capacity.

QD Mini-LED Technology for Vehicle Display

At present, the commercialization of Mini-LED technology in automotive cockpit displays is still dominated by white light technology, while the commercialization of Mini-LED technology with quantum dot film and blue light architecture is still absent in China. Tianma’s breakthrough in automotive quantum dot PM / AM Mini-LED technology has triggered the innovation of new technology architectures and raw materials, leading to the reintegration of the supply chain process of in-vehicle displays. This includes reaching automotive-grade reliability requirements to achieve a “zero” failure edge, attaining high photoelectric conversion efficiency, and at the same time, meeting the European RoHS cadmium content standard.

Compared with the traditional automotive Mini-LED technology, Tianma QD Mini-LED Technology for Vehicle Displays has lower power consumption, higher color gamut (NTSC ≥ 110%), better display contrast and more friendly halo design, effectively filling the gap of domestic commercialization of QD Mini-LED for vehicle displays.

High Refresh Rate Oxide NB Technology

Under high mobility, Tianma’s latest oxide high-refresh-rate display technology breaks through the device stability, Cu process, oxide driver design and other challenges, enabling the screen refresh rate to reach WQ 240Hz, and narrowing the bezel from 1.95mm to 1.5mm, coupled with a 3ms fast response time and a DCI 100% high color gamut, to create a full range of high-end gaming laptop products, bringing a smoother and more silky “Aerobic” gaming experience.

Ultra-High PPI Glass Based Micro-LED Technology

In pursuit of the ultimate clear and beautiful color display, a new generation of Micro-LED technology has officially debuted. Tianma displayed its latest achievement, a 1.63-inch 403PPI active Micro-LED display, which features high definition, good color and high performance, and can be widely used in a variety of smart wearable and mobile terminals.

Precisely engineered and beautifully crafted, excellent product performance cannot be separated from the craftsmanship of meticulous cultivation. Tianma has been working hard for many years to improve the LTPS backplane design and Micro-LED manufacturing process and has created one exceptional Micro-LED after another, which breaks through the retinal limit and amazes the world of vision. A better life starts with a better Micro-LED display.

Pluidic Digital Microfluidic Biochips

Digital Microfluidic (DMF) has a broad application prospect in the life science field. Combining advanced TFT manufacturing processes and panel design technology, Tianma has developed Pluidic (Panel-Level-Microfluidic) technology. This technology has the advantage of high precision, high throughput, high flexibility, for mass production, as well as other benefits.

Tianma has further developed Pluidic O series microfluidic technology, which is the industry’s first publicly available DMF substrate based on Oxide mass production line realization. Compared with traditional passive DMF technology, the drive throughput can be increased by more than 100 times and the drive precision can be increased by more than 1,000 times, which is equivalent to realizing the change from digital tubes to high-definition displays, which is conducive to the realization of higher-throughput and stronger performance of the DMF applications, bringing brand new possibilities to digital microfluidic technology.

Steadily marching towards the future, breaking through the barriers, and purposefully moving forward, Tianma is willing to grow hand in hand with global innovators, to build a common ecosphere, and ascend the peak of the display industry together.

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