Interlockables Is Actual Furniture Kids Can Build Themselves

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One minute your baby is learning to crawl, the next minute they’re putting together furniture by themselves. At least with Interlockables they can! The collection, designed by New York-based design brand House of RoRo has a whimsical yet functional quality, very much reminiscent of the iconic wooden Elephant by the Eameses. In fact, like the Eameses, Belgian interior designer Anne-Sophie Rosseel (who also founded Rosseel Studio) believes that child-friendly furniture and objects should be able to exist in adult spaces and be given every bit of consideration as any other design, especially to reduce overconsumption. “I was looking for ways to combine toy storage with functional furniture that would look good in our home, while reducing the clutter. Kids grow fast and if I was going to make a product, I wanted it to be as sustainable as possible and not have it end up in landfill after 2 years,” the designer shares.

Made from plywood, Interlockables are furniture puzzle pieces that can be assembled together using the slot cutouts and the help of a friend or rubber mallet. There are eight total pieces: the Uma chair, Raymond rocker, Riva stool, Riva table, Sky side table, Box table, Book tower, and Box stool. Audrey Louise Reynolds, an artisanal dyer, custom developed food grade vegan wood stains specifically for House of RoRo using natural pigments – such as mushrooms, flowers, mica, and moss – mixed with a bio-based wood finish. The dyes give the collection a colorful, uniform, slightly transparent color wash.

Like the impetus for creating House of RoRo, which is to create long-lasting furniture that grows with the child’s needs and tastes and stays out of the landfill, the collection is sustainably made using FSC- and TSCA-certified wood, which means the material is sustainably sourced and passes toxicity checks. The pieces are all shipped flat packed with 100% recyclable packaging to further reduce its materials usage and carbon footprint. The wood finishes are zero VOC, food safe oil-based sealers and the waste CNC cut outs are turned into color samples shaped like small toys and puzzles.

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