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HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This November, as the core academic event of the 95th anniversary of China Academy of Art, Inter(World)View2023: Mutual Learning of Civilizations has transformed the Liangzhu Campus of CAA into an artistic hub showcasing the cultural exploration of other civilizations.

The event considers human civilization as a total entity which transcends the limitations of space and time. It takes the 12 artistic and humanistic directions from the specialized disciplines of CAA:  Time – Landscape – Design – Media – Object – Writing – Image – Liberal Arts – Science Fiction – Garden – Art – Knowledge, as the counterparts to the 12 major humanistic directions of natural and social sciences: Life – Basin – Society – Technology – Belief – Culture – History – Nation – Relics – Time – Education – World, so as to form 12 interdisciplinary teams.

To draw inspiration, the CAA sent faculty and students to 12 cultural sites this summer, including the Lufeng Dinosaur Valley in Yunnan Province, China, the Amazon rainforest, Silicon Valley, Icelandic volcanoes, Leonardo da Vinci’s Residence, the Rusakov Workers’ Club in Moscow, Damaidi in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the Yangjialing Revolutionary Site in Shaanxi Province and Katsura Imperial Villa in Japan.

From November 10th to 13th, the 12 teams regrouped in Liangzhu, Hangzhou, China, launching the film actions via Reports from the World forum and the Starplex exhibition in the newly-opened Liangzhu Campus, sharing and exchanging what they have asked and thought around the world. This serial events turn the Liangzhu Campus of CAA into an art reactor of civilization mutual learning.

Inter(World)View2023: Mutual Learning of Civilizations also included a academic forum named Total Catalog; Roadside Picnic which participants can make dialogues with practitioners; Night – Sailing – Boat, the “Garden-Time” sub-forum; Seeking VKhUTEMAS, the “Design-Society” sub-forum launching of series on historical avant-garde; and Seeking Eisenstein, the “Image-History” sub-forum.

Inter(World)View (IWV) is a long-term plan of actions of CAA, which aims to connect various disciplines internally, expand the conceptual and practical fields of art, and establish new links externally to build a high-capacity circle of international academic partners, so that “future colleagues” can join in the common vision of CAA with a view to think about the origin of art education in the perspective of the world’s civilization – not only to trace the origin, but also to focus on the present, sense the pulse of development and the potential trend of human civilization in the 21st century.


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