iPhone 14 Pro’s Pill-Shaped Cutout is Notch 2.0 and I Hate It

For months and months now we’ve anticipated that the iPhone 14 Pro was going to come with a notchless display, and render after render from multiple sources have shown the “pill and hole design”… but Apple says “f*ck that.” Meet the new notch, everybody.

As a reference, here’s an image showing off how we originally thought the iPhone 14 Pro’s display would be making its debut:

Image by FrontPageTech.com

Notice the clean cutouts for both camera and microphone, displayed prominently in the middle instead of the icky notch. Now we’ll take a look out how Apple is reportedly wanting to feature these cutouts, utilizing software to create one big ol’ pill shape to fill in the gap between holes:

Image by MacRumors

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, MacRumors received word that this new unified pill design will be the actual implementation of the cutouts. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan. At all. Sadly, this latest design has been corroborated by notable Tim Cook stan, Mark Gurman:

This is quite the breakthrough leak so close to release! We’ve also seen new sources crop up via 9to5Mac, stating the new large pill-notch-thing will also feature camera and mic privacy indicators – relocating the previous “in-use” lights to the center of the pill instead:

iPhone 14 cutout
Image by 9to5Mac

I really don’t know how to feel about this, the new awkwardly long tic-tac shape just feels like a new notch to me. The fact that it’s created using software is also concerning – who knows what sort of bugs or issues could crop up, disabling the pill itself or potentially other features that utilize it.

Either way, we’ll know soon enough! Apple’s iPhone 14 event looms overhead with its September 7th date where all of our agonizing questions will be answered, hopefully. Stay tuned for more nonsense.

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