IQM Quantum Computers to advance future hybrid quantum applications with NVIDIA

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Collaboration will enable users of IQM’s quantum processing units to program hybrid quantum-classical applications with NVIDIA CUDA Quantum, an open-source platform 

DENVER and ESPOO. Finland, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IQM Quantum Computers (IQM), a global leader in building quantum computers, today announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to advance future hybrid quantum applications through NVIDIA CUDA Quantum, an open-source platform for integrating and programming quantum processing units in one system. 

IQM announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to advance future hybrid quantum applications.

As part of this collaboration, users of IQM’s quantum processing units across enterprises and research institutions can program and develop the next generation of hybrid quantum-classical applications with NVIDIA CUDA Quantum. 

The collaboration aims to accelerate the development and utilization of quantum computing in various applications, fostering innovation, collaboration, and potential breakthroughs in science and industry. 

Leading institutions, such as CSC – IT Centre for Science and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, plan to utilise CUDA Quantum on VTT’s 5-qubit quantum computer developed in co-innovation partnership by IQM and VTT

IQM’s vision is to make the integration of quantum and classical systems immediately accessible to scientists and experts. The future is quantum-accelerated supercomputing: quantum computers and supercomputers working together to solve the most important problems, including machine learning, cybersecurity, drug, and chemical research. 

Commenting on the announcement at the SC Conference 2023 today in Denver, the Head of Strategic Partnerships at IQM Quantum Computers, Dr. Peter Eder, said: “The collaboration with NVIDIA is a strategic step that will help accelerate the progress of potential use cases. It offers our new and existing users the option to use NVIDIA’s high-quality software framework to explore quantum solutions in their applications with our quantum hardware. We will continue to provide the best available tools to our users to increase quantum adoption.”  

“Quantum integrated supercomputing has the potential to solve grand challenges across many scientific fields,” said Tim Costa, Director of High Performance Computing and Quantum at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA’s collaboration with IQM will enable researchers to advance the state of the art in the coupling of quantum with GPU supercomputing, opening the door for countless breakthroughs.”

About IQM Quantum Computers: 
IQM is a global leader in building quantum computers. IQM provides on-premises quantum computers for supercomputing centres and research labs and offers full access to its hardware. For industrial customers, IQM delivers quantum advantage through a unique application-specific, co-design approach. IQM’s commercial quantum computers include Finland’s first commercial 50-qubit quantum computer with VTT, IQM-led consortium’s (Q-Exa) HPC quantum accelerator in Germany, and IQM processors will also be used in the first quantum accelerator in Spain. IQM has over 290 employees with offices in Espoo, Madrid, Munich, Paris, and Singapore. 

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