Kaigai FX Online Unveils Winners of the 2nd Annual Grand Prix for Exceptional Foreign FX Brokers

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TOKYO, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kaigai FX Online, a prominent resource for international foreign exchange trading, is pleased to announce the winners of its 2nd Grand Prix for foreign FX brokers. This prestigious award spotlights brokers that deliver exceptional service in the competitive world of currency trading, with a particular focus on cost-effectiveness and strategic trading options like high leverage and scalping.

The 2nd announcement of the foreign FX broker awards by Kaigai FX Online

Tradeview Clinches the 2023 Lowest Trading Costs Broker Award

After a survey involving 500 seasoned foreign FX traders, Tradeview emerged victorious, securing the Grand Prix in the “Lowest Trading Costs Broker Award 2023.” The survey highlighted that traders value not just a broker’s market presence and brand recognition, but also the importance of low trading costs when making their choice.

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TradersTrust Awarded for Highest Leverage & Scalping Suitability in 2023

The survey also underscored the allure of foreign FX—the potential for substantial short-term gains through the use of high leverage. Recognizing the best in this arena, the “Highest Leverage & Most Suitable for Scalping Broker Award 2023” was awarded to TradersTrust. This accolade honors the broker’s superior offerings that cater to traders who employ high leverage and scalping strategies.

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Kaigai FX Online aims to support traders, from beginners to intermediate and professionals, in finding suitable foreign FX brokers. The website provides information such as evaluations of various brokers, including Tradeview, and TradersTrust.  Additional resources such as the “Truly Recommended Foreign FX Brokers Ranking” and “Latest Bonus Information for Foreign FX Brokers” are also available, meticulously curated from a pool of 80 companies.

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or more information, please visit https://emotional-link.co.jp/kaigaifx/ or follow their Twitter official account(@kaigaifx_online).


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