Kobayashi Healthcare Australia Introduces Clearwipe Foam Cleanser, a Revolutionary Eyeglass Cleaner

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MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kobayashi Healthcare Australia, a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions, is thrilled to announce the nationwide launch of Clearwipe Foam Cleanser, a breakthrough foam cleaner designed specifically for eyeglasses. With 91% of Australian adults wearing glasses or sunglasses regularly*, Clearwipe Foam Cleanser caters to the needs of a significant portion of the population.



Clearwipe Foam Cleanser is currently available at Chemist Warehouse, where it has experienced exceptional sales since its introduction in October. Due to its overwhelming success and customer demand, Kobayashi Healthcare Australia is excited to announce plans for a rollout of the product in retail outlets across the nation in January 2024.

Clearwipe Foam Cleanser is uniquely formulated to address the specific challenges faced by eyeglass wearers in Australia.

Eyeglass wearers in Australia often encounter issues with sticky residues from oily sunscreen, foundation, and hair oil, which can accumulate on their glasses. Clearwipe Foam Cleanser provides a comprehensive cleaning solution that effectively removes these residues, leaving eyeglasses pristine and crystal clear.

“We understand the unique needs of eyeglass wearers in Australia” said [Anna Shigaki] at KOBAYASHI R&D. “Clearwipe Foam Cleanser is specifically designed to clean all your whole glasses, not just the lenses, and combat the annoying dirt/ grease, to provide an exceptional cleaning experience for our customers. We are committed to ensuring that Australian eyeglass wearers can enjoy clear vision and optimal performance from their glasses.”

Clearwipe Foam Cleanser’s revolutionary formula allows users to effortlessly spread the foam directly onto their eyeglasses. With a simple rinse using water and a quick wipe with a dry cloth, users can achieve a clear and pristine vision, and residue buildup.

As a testament to its effectiveness, Clearwipe has established itself as the leading brand of eyeglass cleaner in Australia. In 2023 alone, approximately one Clearwipe Lens Cleaner wipe was bought every 0.5 seconds**, making it the preferred choice of customers across the country. The Clearwipe brand remains committed to helping customers maintain clear vision while reducing the time and effort required to care for their valuable eyewear.

For further information about Clearwipe and innovative eyewear care solutions from Kobayashi Healthcare Australia, please visit https://www.kobayashihealthcare.com.au/

About Kobayashi Healthcare Australia

Kobayashi Healthcare Australia is a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions, dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals across Australia. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Kobayashi Healthcare Australia continues to develop and deliver cutting-edge products that address the specific needs of consumers.

Notes to editor

* Source: Kobayashi Internal Web survey 2023. N = 1000, adults 20-50s, AU nation.

**Calculation based on the number of sales Clearwipe & Clearwipe Anti-fog wipe in 2023 Jan-Nov. divided by the number of seconds in a year (365 * 86,400 seconds).


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