Laifen Announces the Next-Generation Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush at GITEX GLOBAL 2023

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DUBAI, UAE, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Laifen, a leading provider of personal care appliances, proudly announced the launch of the Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush at GITEX GLOBAL 2023, the largest and most inclusive tech event in the Middle East. Held in Dubai Harbour, GITEX GLOBAL brings together industry leaders from around the globe. The Laifen Wave is the first ever dual-action electric toothbrush and is set to bring a fresh brushing experience to users everywhere.

Dual-Action, Vibration and Rotation

A long-standing problem for electric toothbrushes is generating sufficient power to deep clean teeth while also protecting the user’s gums. To tackle this issue, Laifen developed an innovative servo system that combines leading motor technology and sophisticated algorithms to build a toothbrush capable of ultra-wide rotations and precision vibrations, simultaneously. The Wave’s revolutionary 60° range is three times wider than other brands, making it a perfect fit for the highly regarded Bass brushing method, and its unprecedented maximum of 66,000 vibrations/min ensures a deeper clean than ever before.

Seamless Single-Piece Design

The Wave’s handle features a minimalistic design that comes in three finishes: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, and ABS. The handle has no gaps for dirt or debris to get into and is certified IPX7 waterproof, meaning it can withstand 1m depths for 30 minutes.

Premium Brush Heads

The Wave comes with three different brush heads that each have a specialized shape to clean all types of teeth contours. The Gum Care brush head has a 0.02mm tapered tip so it can deeply clean teeth. Contrary to the industry’s dependence on pricey replacements, Laifen’s brush heads are conscientiously priced.

APP & Fast Charging

The included APP is customizable across 3 settings and 10 levels so that users can personalize their brushing experience. Eschewing unsafe wireless charging, the Wave uses a magnetic charging cable that fully charges the toothbrush in just 2.5 hours.

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About Laifen

Founded in 2019, Laifen Tech is an innovative technology company with years of experience in both R&D and manufacturing. Currently, Laifen’s advanced and efficient personal care appliances and accessories can be found in over five million households around the world. Laifen is constantly challenging industry standards for performance and is committed to continuously exploring new possibilities and developing new technologies to provide users worldwide with exceptional experiences.

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