Lari mini lamp by Karakter

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Dezeen Showroom: Danish design brand Karakter has released a miniature version of a lamp that was originally designed by the late Italian architect and sculptor Angelo Mangiarotti in 1978.

Similarly to the original lamp, Lari mini has a rounded-square silhouette with a ribbed central section made from hand-blown glass.

Lari mini is made from hand-blown glass

The glass volume contains two bulbs that emit a warm white glow, which are supported by a black oval-shaped base.

Karakter created Lari mini as a more accessible and practical version of the original full-sized design – it is also rechargeable via USB-C cable, providing 12 hours of light when fully charged.

It is suitable for use across a spectrum of interiors

“Mangiarotti had a very specific approach to lighting,” said Christian Elving, co-founder and CEO of Karakter. “His designs seem to constantly play with the balance between soft sensuousness and robust practicality.”

Lari mini is designed for use in both domestic, mixed-use and hospitality environments – from lighting cosy reading nooks at home to illuminating dining tables in restaurants.

Product: Lari mini
Designer: Angelo Mangiarotti
Brand: Karakter

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